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[Custom-Rom] HTC Desire HD - ViperDHD 3.0.1 | Sense 4.1 | ICS (4.0.4) [08.07.2014]

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Alt 29.10.2012, 11:01   #1
aktives Mitglied
HTC Desire HD - ViperDHD 3.0.1 | Sense 4.1 | ICS (4.0.4) [08.07.2014]

ViperDHD v3.0.1

von Team Venom | Entwickler-Thread (xda)


ViperDHD 3.0.1

    Updated PachaRX VS4 kernel to 2.9.1
    Fixed CPU Frequency in venom tweaks
    Fixed CPU Voltages for others kernel in venom tweaks
    Fixed Phone layout about voice, speaker
    Added TT2Wake, 2F2Wake in venom tweaks

ViperDHD 3.0.0

    Based on ViperS 2.0.3
    First fully working Sense 4.1 Rom
    Android 4.0.4 ICS + Sense 4.1
    Support Fully AudioHardwareMSM7X30
    Support Fully Sense Rom like Sensation
    Rewritten Ramdisk to based on Sensation XL
    Rewritten Build.prop to based on One S C2 + One V
    Fixed Venom HUB
    Fixed Venom Sound enhancer
    Fixed Volume Steps
    Fixed FM Radio speaker
    Fixed CPU Settings in venom tweaks
    Added Sense 4.5 parts: Flashlight, FM Radio, Browser, Keyboard
    Added missing languages in some apps
    Added missing sense apps and libs: movie editor, tts, pdf viewer, jetcet print
    Removed Enabler HDMI OUT in venom tweaks(Can't use on Desire HD)
    Resized sense apps(except Rosie, Lockscreen)
    Optimized low memory killer for lagfree
    No longer using virtuous oc and scripts
    Clean up Rom and remake Rom structure like ViperS
    All market apps updated to latest versions
    Rom cleaned up and re-optimised with latest tools

Viper 2.0.3

    Updated Bricked kernel to 1.4
    Updated android 4.0.4 media in framework
    Updated android 4.0.4 SystemUI
    Updated Busybox 1.22.1
    Updated bins, libs from lastest Desire X base
    Fixed open animation
    Fixed AcoreProcess often are killed when surfing browser and playing games(cause to long delay of contacts loading)
    Fixed Enabling HDMI out can cause lags in some video apps(e.g. Camera or YouTube)
    Fixed binderDied
    Fixed some VoIP apps
    Fixed sometimes beats notification is disappeared when using some apps(never die)
    Fixed sometimes message fc when receiving MMS
    Fixed sometimes Rosie is killed
    Fixed idc, keylayout - more sensitive scrolling, touch
    Fixed recent apps failing to launch sometimes when pressing the home key
    Fixed Capacitive Backlight from android 4.0.4 in venom tweaks
    Fixed Autobacklight Brightness from android 4.0.4 in venom tweaks
    Fixed video capture when playing video
    Added korean keyboard and smart dialer
    Added missing venom code
    Removed Pkmn dummy
    Rewritten Ramdisk
    Added support for Low Power Audio(unstable)
    Improved mobile network
    Improved dalvik virtual machine - benefits of multitasking, data speed, browsing, youtube
    Optimized low memory killer for playing game with having lag and multitasking(Real Racing 3 haven't lag with listen to the music)
    Reoptimized all apks and framework files using sdk r22.6

Viper 2.0.2

    Fixed slow loading of contacts apps as a result of heavy multitasking or having a lot of installed apps
    Fixed sometimes camera switches off when taking picture
    Fixed reboot on Enable HDMI out and Sony Bravia in venom tweaks
    Fixed Venom App installer layout
    Updated Busybox
    More free RAM, less battery usage
    All market apps updated to latest versions

Viper 2.0.1

    Added venom logo in about phone settings
    Added original keyboard in aroma
    Fixed 3-Finger gesture
    Fixed volume keys music control
    Fixed sorting not applies in contacts app
    Fixed Exchange mail mod part in updater-script

Viper 2.0.0

    Fully re-based on 4.0.4
    Added Venom SideBar
    Added Browser from Sense 4.5
    Fixed Tweaks FC on wiping dalvik cache
    All market apps updated to latest versions
    Rom cleaned up and re-optimised with latest tools

Viper 1.6.3

    Added missing languages
    Fixed some framework icons

Viper 1.6.2

    Fixed busybox sylinks
    Fixed HDMI toggle in tweaks
    Fixed Locations FC on entering direction's

Viper 1.6.1

    Fixed FM radio
    Fixed corrupted icons
    Locations fixed and updated
    Fixed Notes FC
    Fixed error with installing zips from hub
    Fixed pm and titanium backup
    Fixed symlink and permission part in updater-script - Full ROM Only
    Completly disabled Tell HTC - Full ROM Only
    Updated Adobe Flash Player - Full ROM Only
    Updated Dropbox - Full ROM Only

Viper 1.6.0

    Reoptimized all apks and framework files using sdk r21.0.1 - Full ROM only.
    More free RAM, less battery usage - Full ROM only.
    Faster loading of apps, and overall improved performance - Full ROM only.
    Improved speed of home personalize
    Keyboard hightlight color now from skin, not always blue
    Improved appdrawer opening and scrolling speed
    Updated libs and bins, battery life should be noticeably better!
    Merged with android 4.0.4

Viper 1.5.2

    Fixed all 5 Chinese keyboards
    Updated time zone info
    Fixed messages dont save preview lines setting
    Added option to remove not needed keyboards in aroma

Viper 1.5.1

    Added vibration level choose for keyboard(in keyboard settings)
    Fixed chinese keyboard
    Fixed QWERTZ keyboard was showing Z insteadof Y in landscape
    Fixed font size not saving in messages app
    Improved keyboard speed
    Fixed font size changing in HTC apps
    Fixed default vibration level for keyboard
    Fixed removeing of PDF Viewer in full version

Viper 1.5.0

    Tweak to choose shotcuts and lockring position(left, right, center with arc shotcuts) - tnx memnoc and jerrytan
    Ported New Gallery App with Timeline view and Map view from Sense 4.5
    Tweak to force enable WiFi N support.(this can also solve some WiFi errors, whan WiFi completely don;t works)(In some counties it disabled by country code - Russia for eg.)
    How to check that WiFi N enabled?
        Connect to WiFi AP, that supports WiFi N
        Tap on connected network in WiFi settings
        Look on speed
        If connection speed is 56Mbs - WiFi N is locked
        If connection speed is 65Mbs - WiFi N is unlocked
    Reorganized framework
    Fixed SystemUI graphics glitches
    Hopefully fixed adb packages install(maybe it also was problem of TitaniumBackup)
    New battery info and battery stats settings from Sense 4.5
    New fully workable powersaver mode from Sense 4.5
        10 options to toggle in powersaver(instead of 4 in original Sense 4.5)
        Toggle for add/remove notification(Sense 4.5 dont have it)
        Auto turn on power saver setting(Sense 4.5 dont have it)
        Horizontal powersaver quicksetting
        Vertical powersaver quicksetting
    Added toggle in tweaks\misc to enable/disable HDMI out
    (enabled hdmi out cause lags in YouTube/Camera/etc video apps, so now you can disable it if it not needed, or enable=))
    Added create button in downloads UI, now you can directly add downloads by URL
    Fixed bug that message preview was shown on lockscreen, even if it was disabled
    Fixed tweaks FC on cleaning dalvik-cache
    Fixed Venom SuperUser - now request windows appears quick
    Updatet Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Gmail, Google Plus, Talkback, Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter.
    Added new YouTube with HD and screen off playback (Advanced Settings)
    Added Addons section in Venom HUB - avaliable flashable zip addons from roms
    Added donation links support in Venom HUB - now you can donate to themer/kernel/addon developers
    New FM Radio app from Sense 4.5 with lockscreen control
    Disable lockscreen scene from Sense 4.5
    Added separating of music and other apps in Music (when adding shotcut inside Music app)
    Ported HTC Dropbox player from Sense 4.5 (with lockscreen control) - play music directly from dropbox
    Added Gtalk notifications on lockscreen(as htc messages and etc) - you can control it in Gtalk settings
    Added Music lockscreen scene from Sense 4.5
    Ability to add lockscreen notification to any apps(app must have statusbar notifications on - 90% of apps supported)
    Added back transparent clock widget
    Fixed cold condition animation in weather wallpapper
    New Keyboard from Sense 4.5

Viper 1.4.1

    Fixed Tweaks FC on choosing swipe app.
    Fixed typo in Russian translation of SystemUI.
    Fixed not changeable background of notification area.
    Fixed streaming media player - tnx to Xpacha and memnoc.
    Fixed AOSP background color banding.
    Fixed autobrightness.

Viper 1.4.0

    Updated AROMA installer to V2.56.
    Cleaned aroma-config and updater-script.
    Reoptimized all apks and framework files.
    More free RAM, less battery usage.
    Faster loading of apps, and overall improved performance.
    Improved gaming performance
    Updated all graphics libs from 2.15.401.100 base.
    Fixed Google Chrome glitches.
    Changed full wipe so it won't remove games data.
    Added tweak to use transparent keys in camera - tnx lyapota.
    Added SOS and Auto flash light options in Flashlight.
    Fixed System UI FC on longpress flashlight in horizontal QS .
    Improved APM and EQS icons.
    Added protection from remote USSD attack(Phone will ask you before executing of any secret code) - http://dylanreeve.posterous.com/remote-ussd-attack
    Added customizeable swipes from Menu to Search and from Back to Home buttons on lockscreen
    Fixed DLNA
    Added kernels section in Venom HUB, now you can download and install different kernels(also different versions of kernels) in two clicks)
    Fully fixed HDMI + removed HDMI rotation lock
    Added more language support.
    Added ability to choose install location on app installation

Viper 1.3.5

    Fixed facebook and twitter
    Removed white string "To: number" from sms input field
    Added FAQ section in Venom Hub
    Added skins section in Venom Hub
    Now when you press "get more" in skins chooser it will open venom hub(all htc skins from htc hub already in it + more)
    Added white balance and iso buttons in camera
    New HTC Sound ext with headset profile choose, new eq presets(more than 20 eqs) + Custom equalizer!
    Fixed bug with cpu setting not applies on boot
    New messaging app from sense 4.5
        Changebale bubbles styles and backgrounds of message app(Settings->Main->Personalize or Open message->Menu->Personalize)
        Toggle between smiles panel button(new style) and attacments button(old style) in tweaks
        Option to turn off notifications for delivery reports
    Fixed many typos in Tweaks App for English lang
    Cleaned Rosie
    Fixed Rosie app drawer(shows part of icon from prev screen)
    Updated taskmanager to Sense 4.5
    Fixed HTC Hub
    Fixed personalization, was rotated when autorotation is off
    Fixed PIN input background in landscape
    Fixed Status bar, not apply htc skin on top(where carrier name located) - HTC BUG
    Fixed HTC IME word prediction
    Added compability with Virtuos Widgets lockscreen scene
    Fixed Rosie disable walppaper scroll tweak
    Updated all market apps to lastest versions
    Fixed bug when volume change dont work in call

Viper 1.3.0

    Removed 720P resolution from front camera
    Improved perfomance in 2D
    More merged with android 4.0.4 framework
    Tweaks and venom SU added in non auto kill process list
    Added "apply on boot" setting in tweaks CPU tab
    New improved camera by lypota ported to our rom
    All camera tweaks moved from tweaks to camera app
    Removed rosie smooth tweak from tweaks app(not needed with Sense 4.1)
    Hopefully fixed some errors with Weather and WorldClock bugs
    Fixed headset wake bug - tnx to TJD319
    Fixed tweaks FC, when setting freq slider on maximum
    Fixed reboot binary
    Fixed APNs
    Fixed browser FC when Url contains "'" (HTC BUG)
    Some rosie fixes
    Added some HTCExetension fixes
    Fully fixed facebook and other social connectors
    Fixed default action for "back" button(for example not it opens history in browser)
    Added Spanish translation for Tweaks ans SU
    Fixed camera is opening in a default landscape even though phone in portrait
    Fixed front facing camera recording video upside down!
    Updated rosie lock/unlock workspaces tweak(now shows current state in menu)
    Added theming support for Horizontal EQS
    Added quick launch panel in EQS tab
    Fixed reboot binary
    Improved Rosie app drawer speed!
    Added Maximum Sreen Off freq configuration
    Fixed FM Radio Speaker
    New Applications Manager from Sense 4.5 in Settings
    Fixed pixilated backgrounds on PIN input in Settings and LockScreen

Viper 1.2.1 (Avaliable on OTA)

    Fixed Mail widgets bug
    Added back bithday events in calendar app
    Fixed HTC Agenda FC
    Fixed facebook galleries not shown in contacts
    Fixed sorting not applies in contacts app
    Fixed 1080p recording in landscape
    Fixed volume buttons zoom in camera
    Partially fixed burst mode(it not 100% stable yet!)
    Disabled photo button in video recording mode(our device not support video snapshots!)
    Fixed some other bugs in framework
    Partially merged android 4.0.3 with 4.0.4 frameworks
    Added auto quick reboot after clearing dalvik in tweaks app

Viper 1.2.0

    Sense 4.1
    Improved Sense 4.1 Camera
        Full HD video record works =Ь
        Volume keys to change zoom or capture
        Added ability to apply camera effects on front camera
    Venom SuperUser Application
    Contol CPU, VDD table, IO sheduller and Read ahead in tweaks app
    Added back Bricked kernel V1.36
    Fully fixed HTC DockMode(Ported and resized from OneX)
    Updated aroma installer to version 2.5
    Updated all /data apps
    Reoptimized all apks and framework files
    Added tweak to block notification pulldown on lockscreen
    Added tweak disable quick settings
    Added tweak to disable volume keys sound(in framework)
    Added quad AOSP lockscreen
    Added vertical quick settings(long press on carrier label to open it)
    Added MIUI battery bar customizeable charging animation
    Added tweak to change transition animations(standart, flip, flyin, jellybean or fold)
    Added "show power off menu" buttons action
    Added caching for images downloads in HUB
    Added tweak for lock/unlock workspaces in Rosie(just press menu button)
    Added venom tweaks in Rosie menu
    Added reboot request after fonts applying in HUB
    Improved Sense "Screen On" quick setting(now you can change screen timeout my slider)
    Updated EGL libs
    Fixed OpenVPN
    Fixed and cleaned updater-script and aroma config
    Fixed media search bug
    Fixed Hotmail mail account
    Fixed bug then selected center clock + AOSP lockscreen - both clock is shown
    Fixed HTC Bug since Sense 3.6 - fixed alarm icon not showing after status bar restart
    Added malasia and indonesia t9 support
    Unlocked Personalization landscape mode(activates then you enable landscape in Rosie)
    Added extended skin compability - you can use Sense 4.x skins from any device with HTC Sense 4.x
    Added new HTC skin: Infinite

Viper 1.1.0

    Fixed HTC trace
    Fixed blue overscroll color
    Updated libs and bins
    Fixed app updates in market
    Optimized apk and framework
    Added NEW icon in Hub, when you have something new
    Updated market apps to latest version
    Android low memory killer configuration in tweaks
    Auto unlock AOSP lockscreen on call
    Updated fast dormancy tweak
    Download app drawer/pulldown backgrounds and operator logos in HUB
    Updated Bricked kernel to 1.4 (If you have lags on Rosie, try flash Bricked 1.36 kernel)
    Added android low memory killer configuration in tweaks(minfree)
    Fixed Hebrew local bug
    Added all Israeli APNs
    Added auto brightness preview in manual auto brightness configuration
    Improved photo quality
    Partially fixed burst mode in camera
    Venom File Manager
        SmartRoot - root is required only then it really needed
        Multi file operations
        Chmod in properties
        Execute sh scripts in one click
        FTP Server
        Categies and Favorites view
    New actions to set on keys longpress(Flashlight, Reboot menu, Media control, etc)
    Custom longpress keys timeout
    Volume down to sleep tweak
    Disable volume keys when screen turned off tweak
    Set custom app or flash light on longpress home on lockscreen
    Rosie custom background now applied immediately
    Custom operator logo in status bar
    Fixed avi playback in gallery
    Network mode quicksetting
    xLOUD toggle quicksetting
    Easy install font packs and download it from HUB
    Changed OOM groupings
    Custom search button action(more then 10 actions)
    Search button shooter
    Hide onscreen buttos in camera app

Viper 1.0.1(avaliable via OTA)

    Updated bricked kernel to V1.36
    Updated SuperSu to V0.93
    Fixed HTC trace
    Fixed signal icon theming
    Fixed MMS signal drop
    Fixed encryption on HotSpot
    Fixed preloading for framework classes
    Fixed Skype and Talk video chat
    Fixed FaceUnlock
    Fixed some translation issues in Tweaks
    Fixed _ symbol in hub feedback
    Fixed issue with ota then it try install from internal sdcard(intall this OTA manualy if you fave this error(this error is caused by incorrect installation script of Bricked kernel, if you install it manually))
    Fixed background on PIN
    Fixed signal issues
    Cleaned hwcomposer - tnx to ivica

Team PkMn is now Team Venom.
Our aim was to look more professional, we also reorganized our team
and got a bunch of new team members
Charmelon -> viperS 1.0.0

    Reoptimized and zipalign with SDK r20
    Updated RIL and radio
    Updated Bricked kernel to version 1.35 Dont change it on any others, only Bricked 1.35 and above! It will brake wifi and hotspot
    Updated Sensation libraries
    Updated apps: SuperSu(app and binary), Dropbox, AdAway, Facebook, Maps, Street View, TuneIn radio, YouTube, Google Plus
    Fixed AOSP recent apps dialog style
    Improved Hide arrows tweak: now you can choose show/hide or hide only in portrait mode
    Custom apps for HTC clock widget
    Hide shortcut labels on lockscreen
    Customizable lockscreen shortcuts (you can choose auto or manual mapping)
    Icons packs now also applies on lockscreen
    HTC SmartSync toggle(Fixes Wifi Sleep)
    Venom HUB- download themes/read news/send feedbacks directly from your phone
    Added haptic feedback on long press settings button
    Theming support for EQS icons
    Removed the option to remove FriendStream because it was causing issues
    Improved quality of images
    Fully rewrited android package installer
    Fully rewrited android downloads ui
    Rotateable lockscreen(toggable in tweaks: portratit/landscape or automatic)
    Fixed skining of Eqs: toggles and sliders now applies selected htc skin
    Fixed device model script
    Fixed WiFi Tether and WiFi P2P!!!
    Fixed random WiFi disconnects and other WiFi errors!!!
    Improved awd icon packs support - manual select of icon for app from current theme
    Toggle for Sweep2Wake in Tweaks
    Allowed usage of Face unlock, then you have installed personal certs
    Disabled excange security for screen timeouts
    Extended idle screen lock timeout option(Added 1h, 2h, 6h, 12h and 24h)
    Fixed bug with icons overlay of date on new notification
    Fixed cut of second line in extended appdrawer
    Fixed creation of profile in Tweaks app with name that already exists
    Added theming support for roaming icons in SystemUI
miesling und canavar76 haben sich bedankt.

Geändert von warci (22.07.2014 um 13:22 Uhr)
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Alt 29.10.2012, 11:01  
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Alt 29.10.2012, 12:32   #2
Das mit der Kamera ist bekannt, dafür ist auch ein fix in Arbeit.
Wobei nimm Kamera ICS +, schießt mir 16:9 ohne Probleme.
Quicksettings sind Englisch, Lösung dafür kenne ich zumindest nicht.

Wo wir aber dabei sind: ich kann beim Hotspot der Universität nicht konfigurieren, das Popup schließt genau so schnell, wie es öffnete.
Ähnliches erlebt?

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit Tapatalk 2
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Alt 29.10.2012, 13:09   #3
ich bin nur unlock und hab s-on auf meinem desire hd habe die boot.img geflasht und wollt installieren. dann das:

aroma sagt im log:
AROMA INSTALLER version 2.56
(c) 2012 by amarullz xda-developers

ROM Name : ViperDHD
ROM Version : 1.0.0
ROM Author : Team Venom
Device : HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4G
Start at : Mon Oct 29 12:37:19 2012

-> Executing Full Wipe
-> Preparing System for Full Wipe
Extract: /tmp/alignment/alignment.sh
Extract: /tmp/alignment/e2fsck
Extract: /tmp/alignment/mkfs.ext4
Extract: /tmp/alignment/tune2fs
-> Backing Up User Apps First
about to run program [/tmp/backupapps] with 1 args
run_program: execv failed: No such file or directory
run_program: child exited with status 1
-> Erasing & Formatting /cache as EXT4
about to run program [/sbin/erase_image] with 2 args
Creating filesystem with parameters:
Size: 152043008
Block size: 4096
Blocks per group: 32768
Inodes per group: 4640
Inode size: 256
Journal blocks: 1024
Blocks: 37119
Block groups: 2
Reserved block group size: 15
Created filesystem with 11/9280 inodes and 1645/37119 blocks
error: file_write: write: I/O error

Installer Error (Status 1)

End at : Mon Oct 29 12:37:19 2012

Jemand eine idee?
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Alt 29.10.2012, 13:28   #4
aktives Mitglied
eine Idee habe ich keine, jedoch kann etwas nicht beschrieben werden, hast Du einen Full Wipe gemacht und auch den Cache gelöscht??

Nutzt Du den ROM Manager oder 4EXT Recovery?? Du musst die ganze .zip unentpackt auf die SD Karte laden (am besten in Root-Verzeichnis) und dann das Handy ins Recover-Menü starten und von dort dann die zip installieren.
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Alt 29.10.2012, 14:23   #5
aktives Mitglied
Das Rom schlägt auf xda ein wie eine Bombe
Was ich mega finden würde, dass Sense mit JB kommt fürs DHD :D

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit Tapatalk 2
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Alt 29.10.2012, 15:10   #6

Benutzerbild von warci
VIPERDHD_Camera Video Fix By Venom0642

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit Tapatalk 2
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Alt 29.10.2012, 15:29   #7
aktives Mitglied
Zitat von DanielHD Beitrag anzeigen
Das Rom schlägt auf xda ein wie eine Bombe
Was ich mega finden würde, dass Sense mit JB kommt fürs DHD :D

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit Tapatalk 2
Klar schlägt die wie ne Bombe ein :)

JB Sense ist ja noch nicht mal auf meinem One X da, also abwarten, vielleicht können wir in ein paar Monaten drüber reden..
albertostein ist offline   Mit Zitat antworten
Alt 29.10.2012, 15:46   #8
aktives Mitglied
Habe mal den Fix für die Kamera installiert und nun scheint wieder alles zu passen, super Arbeit :thumbup:

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit Tapatalk 2
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Alt 29.10.2012, 17:41   #9
aktives Mitglied
Bin das Rom natürlich auch am testen :-*
Habe ein Problem das der Empfang paar mal weg ging, dann gehe ich in den Flugmodus und wieder raus. Empfang ist dann wieder da... Aber eben hat das Handy meine sim nicht mehr erkannt. Habe ein super wipe gemacht und das nandroid drauf gespielt, dann ging alles wieder?!

Ansonsten geiles Rom!!

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit Tapatalk 2
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Alt 30.10.2012, 16:23   #10
Zitat von l33ch0r Beitrag anzeigen
Das mit der Kamera ist bekannt, dafür ist auch ein fix in Arbeit.
Wobei nimm Kamera ICS +, schießt mir 16:9 ohne Probleme.
Quicksettings sind Englisch, Lösung dafür kenne ich zumindest nicht.
Mit dem APK Manager bzw. dem Nachfolger extrahieren, in den XML die passenden stellen Suchen und übersetzen. Das ist so die einzige Möglichkeit.
l33ch0r hat sich bedankt.
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Alt 30.10.2012, 16:23  
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