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IFONZ 2 0.6.0 On I900 OMNIA


Halo All,

I have installed IFONZ 2 on my OMNIA last days. I am still fighting to configure to bring it USABLE. Here is my Problem. Before quoting here, I've been through the previous pages to find similar problem but not succeed. [already have .net 3.5]

So, I have tried QVGA and VGA versions. But both are not able to fix my problem. On the Home window, i am able to see only half i.e. the CLOCK box is covering the whole space and i tried to set this in setting.dat file, but not able to fix.

[i am also updated in forum.xda-developers.com, and not able to find any]

Please help me fix this. THank you.

Here is my settings.dat file. [Converted to txt as not able upload]


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Graphics of QVGA and VGA are too big for the Omnia's display resolution. To fix it for me, I downsized all graphics to about 45 % of original size.

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