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[KERNEL] Samsung Galaxy S2 FD's Kernel v1.0

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[KERNEL] FD's Kernel v1.0 (OC/UV, CWM4, BLN, ROOT)

Originalthread XDA

Yes!! My first release. (another kernel )

To keep it simple; this is a basic kernel, compiled from Samsung source.

My target was to keep it fast, stable and improve battery life at the same time.


Disabled unnecessary debugging and logging (logcat/dmesg) - for increased smoothness

OC/UV - CPU Freq range is 7 now (200/500/800/1000/1200/1400/1600)

Supports BLN

Touch sensitivity fix

Minor performance tweaks



Using Samsung Update2 source code

Using Chainfire's initramfs

Recommended Voltage:

OC/UV available with SetCPU or Voltage Controller.

1600MHz: 1350mV

1400MHz: 1250mV

1200MHz: 1200mV

1000MHz: 1100mV

800MHz: 1000mV

500MHz: 950mV

200MHz: 850mV


Quadrant is not an accurate benchmark tool, but on an average with this kernel (Scaling: ondemand), I'm able to achieve ~4200 to ~4400.



Note: This is a hobby for me and I do this in my free time. If you like my work, you can always say thanks .

I would like to thank the following members of this community: chainfire, creams, hacre, codeworkx, hardcore, netarchy and vitalij.

If I forgot to mention someone - apologizes.

Disclaimer: Flashing could break your hardware. Use at your own risk!



Updated initramfs to KI4




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