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MeDroidMOD Remix 1.3.2 ics 4.0.3

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Alt 23.02.2012, 07:43   #1
Daumen hoch MeDroidMOD Remix 1.3.2 ics 4.0.3

MeDroidMod Remix ICS 4.0.3

Build v1.3.2a (22-02-2012)

This rom is based on ice cream sandwich android 4.0.3, this rom is aosap and tries to incorporate the best mods of android opensource community, including own mods, CM9 mods, CNA mods, and other mods from roms from other terminals that are not available for the nexus one, eg roms from the galaxy nexus.
thanks and credits to all these great opensource communities, and of course texasice, rapmv78 and evervolv team.

this rom is work that we have been performing together timbit123 and me (samuaz)

interfaz Features:
- aosap android ics 4.0.3
- lastesd gapps
- ia2sd script for a2sd+ (ext partition its needed)
- multiple mods like:
* miui battery bar
* % battery
* circle battery
* icon +% battery
* hide clock
* icon only and % only
customizables with custom colors chooser
- notifications widgets, wifi, screen, bluetooth,apn etc
- custom clock settings:
* center clock
* hide clock
* color clock
* am/pm styles
- lockscreen:
* menu unlock
* quick pin unlock
* volume buttons wake
* volume music controls on lock screen
* trackball wake (option for disable and enable for convenience coming soon)
Lock screen styles:
* custom acces to apps in lockscreen
* centered lockscreen
* custom lockscreen formats and targets and custom sms app for direct acces
- automatic backlight settings
- rotation and crt off animation and 180 degree rotation, (option for enable and disable 90, 270, degree rotation coming soon)
- pulse notification options
* custom notification led color and duration
- custom carrier label
- laucher settings:
* at this moment the same than trebuchet launcher
- long kill app
- adb overthe air

- improved general speed, caches, dalvik, scrollings off the interface
- improved speed of MedroidLauncher now more faster
- reorganized medroid settings and added new features like:
+quiet hours from cm
+ power menu customization
+ Horizontal task manager like web os style
+ add option to for disable and enable rotations angles, 90, 180, 270 degrees
+ new look screen features: wait to lockscreen, lock screen Battery porcent, enable torch pressing and hold the power button in screen of or lock screen
- add custom apn list
- fixed USB mount storage
- add compache/zram option in memory management
- and other minor improvements and general bugfixes

Performance settings and features:
- start-up tweaks:
* zipalign apks on boot
* sdcard bost and custom read ahead value
* fix permissions on boot
* clear cache on boot
* sysctl tweaks on boot
* schenduled tasks on boot
* disable boot animation on boot
- procesors speed:
- custom cpu, and custom min - max frequency
- custom processor voltage (need a kernel with it)
- memory management:
* custom min free task killer
- backup settings and apps works, if you wipe all and reinstall the rom the settings options and apps we will restore

But its fast and stable

Ich habe die Rom getestet läuft sauber und schnell !!!

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Quelle / Screenshots / Download: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1496152
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