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[ROM][G920/5 ○ 5.1.1 ○ 11OCT] XtreStoLite Deo-Mod Edition 2.4


Das Flashen der ROM geschiet auf eigene Gefahr und wir übernehmen keine Verantwortung!

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★ S6 Edge features
★ Samsung AllShare/WiFi-Direct/S-Beam/Screen-Mirroring
★ Samsung Baby Crying Monitor
★ Samsung E-Mail app + Exchange support
★ Samsung Extreme Power Saving & Emergency Mode
★ Samsung Finger Print Scanner support
★ Samsung Gear Manager & ANT+ support
★ Samsung Gear Fit Manager & ANT+ support
★ Other Smart Watches/bands support (ANT+)
★ Samsung Multi Window full-support
★ Samsung Quick Connect (available from the Notification panel)
(Also needs the AllShare add-on to be flashed)
★ Samsung Wallpaper Picker
(This fixes the FC's in Settings -> Wallpaper etc.)
★ Samsung SBrowser (internet browser)
★ Samsung SCloud
(to get the Scloud backup/restore function working you need to also install the Samsung E-Mail app)
★ Samsung SFinder (available from the Notification panel)
★ Samsung SHealth app
★ Samsung SMemo
★ Samsung SPlanner
★ Chrome Cast Native support
★ Gear VR (virtual reality) support
★ Smart Switch (to copy over things from your previous mobile device)
★ Theme Manager
★ Samsung SPrint support
★ Samsung SVoice app (flash also the TTS add-on to get voice feedback)
★ Samsung TTS and Google TTS voices
★ Samsung AccuWeather Widget (including the Weather daemon)
★ Samsung Fonts (Nearly 1000 different system fonts, thanks to @Winb33)
★ Samsung Flipboard Briefing (My Magazine)
★ Samsung App Store + Samsung account support
★ Samsung SmartRemote (IR app)
★ Samsung Voice Note (voice recorder app)
★ VPN connection support
★ Samsung Clock Widgets
★ Samsung Air Wake Up (the gesture to turn on your screen, to see the time and if you have any notifications)
★ Samsung Assistant Menu (floating buttons for different functions)
★ Samsung Smart Manager
★ Samsung Easy Mode (+ Easy Mode widgets)
★ Samsung Headphone shortcut notifications in the notification drawer
★ Samsung MirrorLink
★ Samsung Live Wallpaper Picker
★ Samsung Test Mode applications (which you can access with secret codes from the dialer)
★ Samsung Private Mode
(Works ONLY with the Stock kernel!!)
★ Samsung Kies Desktop Sync
★ STK (Sim Toolkit) app
★ ColorBlind (Settings -> Accessibility -> Vision-> Color adjustment)
★ Google Search/Now system app (to give you the 'OK Google everywhere' function in the Google Search app)
★ Hearing Adjust
★ 9 Extra Camera Modes (from the Galaxy App Store), The apk's get copied to your internal memory, so that you can install them manually!
(including the new YouTube Live Broadcast camera mode!)
★ NFC Smart Card Services
★ Samsung Help function
★ Samsung Dictionary
★ Samsung Magnifier
★ Beep 'n Go Barcode Beaming Service & app
★ Samsung SideSync
★ Samsung Video Editor & HighLight Video service
(Also needed to play the recorded slow motion videos)
★ Miscellaneous Accessibility functions
(This addon contains: Access Control, Import/export accessibility settings, S-Talkback & Virtual Softkey)
★ Smart Manager (Junk cleaning tool & Anti-virus)
★ Video Telephony
★ Smart View
★ S-View cover support

Customization add-ons:

★ Android Marshmallow 6.0 Launcher (original Android Marshmallow launcher)
★ Modded Samsung Camera (to allow you to use the camera when on low battery)
★ Modded Samsung Messages app (to disable the 'screen on when receiving an message' feature )
★ 3 different Emoji system fonts (iOS, Samsung & Stock Android KitKat emoji's) (works with Google/Samsung/SwiftKey etc. keyboards)
★ Enable/Disable system-wide Ad-blocking
★ Option to choose between the Google Messenger app & Samsung Messages app

Theme options:
★ 3Minit Battery MOD (Only available when you don't use the Alliance framework)
★ Center Clock (Only available when you don't use the Alliance framework)

Framework options:
★ Disable/Enable Scrolling cache (Only available when you don't use the Alliance framework)
★ Disable Keyboard selector notification
★ Disable Wake screen when (un)plug phone.

Wichtige Informationen:

Das Flashen erfolgt über einen so gennaten AROMA Installer. Das heißt, dass man bei der Installation auswählt, welche Module man haben will.

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