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[ROM][27-Nov-2011]NDT MIUI GINGER 2.3.7 MULTILANG SUPPORT V7.1[MIUI 1.11.25]








-Based on newest Android 2.3.7

-MIUI Launcher


-Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication and Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi)

-APN for almost network

-MIUI Camera (Wide screen support)

-Camcoder (FullHD)

-Hosts file to stop most web ads.

-USB File Transfer

-WIFI Tethering/Wired Tethering

-Many useful apps


-Zipaligned and Signed

-Multilang keyboard with predict support (Vibrate&Sound working)

-Root permission was disable by default, to enable it: Go to Superuser app, press Menu button - Setting and Enable ROOT permission

-If you have reboot issue when use 3rd Party Call&SMS app, go to Supperuser and allow them


-BLN (Need testing more)

-Volume stop in half when use headphone

-Don't support Video call yet




Change logs

Version 7.1 Multilang:

- Multilang update (Thanks XJ)

- Remove DSP Manager dua FC issue random happen

- Add Equalizer app

- Add some new Lockscreen

- Add Skip track via volume button and 4-way reboot

Version 6.0 Multilang:

- Update to MIUI 1.11.18

- Multilang support

- Removed some app to make ROM smaller (You can install it on maket and Add-on link)

- Back to stock theme + MIUI multilang keyboard (Fixed some issue due ICS theme&keyboard)

- Some Tweaks for make ROM faster and more stable

Download link:

Version 7.1 Multilang

MD5 Checksum: B640F1C0 - 49FBE286 - 3B06594B - 34CF0889

Version 6.0 Multilang

MD5 Checksum: D2C0D164 - D9474B60 - F3F44739 - 2289E0C8

Add-on:Should Mount System on Recovery Menu before flash Add-ons

Arabic RTL Fix for V3.x

Bounce/Flip/Flyin/Fold/Stock Transition Effect for V3.x

Many Keyboard and Themes for MIUI ROM

How to flash my ROM

How to make a fresh install:

1. Backup your data, apps, games (use MIUI Backup)

2. Go to Recovery menu, Wipe data/Advance-Wipe dalvik cache

3. Flash the ROM

4. Reboot your phone and restore your data (which was backup in 1st step)

bearbeitet von Buddler

Some useful Tips and Q&A

1.Press *#*#6484#*#* to access Factory test menu

In this menu, you can test many thing

2. For the black background in apps (or any issue for some apps) you have to go to setting --> management apps --> the apps where you have black background --> compatibility mode --> TURN OFF or TURN ON

There's also a quick way to access app compatibility setting:

- Long press Home

- If the app is there long press app icon (email)

- Then it brings you straight to the app compatibility setting screen, toggle the buttons

3. Go to http://miuithemes.com/ choose which themes you like, then copy Theme.mtz to /MIUI/theme on SD Card and use Theme Manager to choose it, reboot and get a best UI

4. Incoming Call (1.7.8) - Delay in display of number

Disable the "enforce proximity sensor" in the Call Settings on Program Tab of settings

5. Press and hold "Home" button to access Recent Menu/Apps Killer/Tasks

6. In Lock Screen

- Press Time Display and Slide down to go Main Desktop

- Press Call Icon and Slide down to go Dial Pad

- Press SMS Icon and Slide down to go Message

- Press and hold 'Home' button to active Torch


8. Uninstall an app or game:

- Press & Keep Icon on the Desktop, move it to Recycle Bin to Uninstall

9. Long press on the icon in Toggles will launch the settings for that icon.

10. Press "Menu" key and "Volume Down" key at the same time to print a screen.

The printed image is saved in the directory of MIUI in the sd card.


12. Slide from left to right to quickly delete a message or a call log.

13. You may hold down an icon by one hand to enter Edit Mode, and then use the other hand to slide the screen to move the icon to the target screen.

14. Double tap the time zone to launch the Music Player when the screen is locked.

15. Click the contact image in Calls, SMS and Contacts, shortcut menus will pop up.

16. The battery will display the percentage of left battery capacity by Settings>System>Battery>Notification Indicator Style>Percentage.

16. How to set IP dialing?

MIUI ROM can add an IP prefix for the called number in a strange land. You may set it in Settings>Common>Calls.

You may also long press the contact item before dialing, and choose “Make IP calls” in the pop-up menu.

17. When you are not available to answer the phone, you may slide up the panel to reject the call and to send a message to the caller at the same time.

18. How to set custom ringtones?

Put media files into the Media/Audio/ringtones directory in the SD card, (If there is none of this directory, please create one manually) and then select in Sounds in Settings.

Note: there are three directories under Audio, corresponding to the following tones:

notifications--notification ringtones

ringtones--incoming call ringtones

alarms--alarming ringtones

Supported formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, Midi, etc.

20. How to quickly delete items?

You may slide from left to right on the item and click on the red "Delete" button when it appears.

21. How can I share my network to the PC or other terminals?

Firmware of Android 2.2 and above support the sharing of mobile phones to other Internet terminal in the following method:

Go to "Settings" -> "System" -> "Share mobile network", you may choose to share the Internet connection by USB tethering or setting up portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

22.How to copy files from the computer to the phone? First connect your phone to your computer via data cable, pull down the notification panel from the top of the phone, click “USB connected”, and then click "Turn on USB storage”.

After copying, do not forget to select the option of “Turn off USB storage”, otherwise "File Manager” in the phone will not be able to find the sd card, as it is being occupied by the computer.

23.Now I have a lot of apps, how to put them in order?

Long press an app icon and then you may move it freely. When it is moved to the screen border, the screen will automatically switch to the next screen.

24.How to add a screen?

Use two fingers to pinch on the desktop to enter screen thumbnail mode. Then you may add or delete screens.

25. How to delete an app?

Long press the app icon you want to delete, drag it on top of the trash box and click OK to delete it.

26. Adding widgets on the desktop: press the Menu button on the desktop, select "Edit Mode", and then click the icon on the upper right corner to access the interface of “Add Widgets”. Choose your favorite widget on the top, and then drag it to the screen below.

27. Using folders to manage desktop apps: in the interface of “Add Widgets”, drag [Folder] to the desktop. You may drag multiple apps into folders to classify them. After opening the folder, you may click the edit icon in the upper left corner to rename the folder.

28. Using toggles panel to improve efficiency: drag the notification panel down from the top, click "Toggles" to go to the toggles panel (It goes to the toggles panel in default of notice.) On the panel are listed the most commonly used toggles, you may click to quickly enable or disable a toggle. Long press on the icon will launch the settings for that icon.

29. Guest mode: enable the “Guest Mode” toggle in the panel, and your calls and text messages logs will be hidden, and all installed applications cannot be removed. You may have a try when you need to show your phone to guests or children.

30. Importing contacts or binding accounts: you may use some apps to import a batch of contacts, or bind Google account directly in "Settings"> "Personal"> "Accounts & Sync Settings" to sync contacts at any time.

31. How to copy files from the computer without using the data cable? In case of a wifi connection, enter “File Manager” on the desktop, select the tab of "Remote Administration" to start the service, and then you will get an address. Enter the given address on the computer, then you may copy files without using a data cable!

So, ich habe das ROM installiert und muss sagen... das Teil läuft echt gut. Ich habe schon auf meinem HTC HD2 das äquivalente NDT MIUI ROM von Langthang drauf.

Nur das Theme gefällt mir bei dieser Version überhaupt nicht, aber das kann man ja fix austauschen :icon_cool.


Version 4.0 Multilang (05-November) Post #1 eingefügt


Version 4.1 Multilang (08-November) Post #1 eingefügt


Version 5.0 Multilang (12-November) in Post #1 eingefügt


Version 5.1 Multilang (17-November) in Post #1 eingefügt

Update Version 6.0 Multilang

in Post #1 eingefügt

Update Version 7.1 Multilang

Funzt GPS und der Rest einwandfrei?

Kann ich hier den Siyah kernel bei dieser MIUI Rom benutzen`?

Danke schon mal :)

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