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eine sehr schöne ROM hate der User chipwizz gekocht:


und hatte die ROM auf 196 MB schrumpfen lassen. Ist zwar immer noch viel in vergeleich zu CM, es ist aber ein voll funktionsfähiges Touchwiz ROM!

Die Deteils:

Purpose: To provide SGN users a minimal stock rom with no bloats while retaining max. possible stock features and enhance overall responsiveness of stock ROM.

Actions: To remove all bloats, replace essential but oversized apps with better and slimmer apps, remove optional files such as languages, ringtones, wallpapers which users should be able to add based on their requirements.

Current state:Touchwiz transformed to SlimWizz @196mb With Responsive, minimal and stock interface and retained all necessary features.

Brief: Rom is based on XXLSC rom @240DPI by Raj. ROM is for users who like to build up their own ROMs with a working minimal base. This rom is solely for educational purpose. Please do not flash this rom if you are not fully aware of side center and bottom effect of ROM flashing.

I will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages/loss to your phone, body, job or other surrounding of yours. You are already warned.

What is removed

1. Close to 100 apks from /preload

2. around 40 libs from /system/lib

3. files removed from /system/media are somewhere 64

4. whole preload, t9db, tts and vendor folder

What is added.

1. AOSP email, calendar, deskclock and calculator to replace stock apks

2. AntTek Explorer to replace stock explorer

3. Apollo music player to replace stock music player (retained Gallery and video for airview feature)

4. SNote replaced with colornote (no nonsense notes ), you can also go for NotesMobile Note taking app

5. Rom comes with philz 3.95 kernel and yes its safe. Please thank Phil3759 for his outstanding work.

philz v3.99 is released if want to flash recent kernel.

6. GApps available on market such Gmail, Maps etc. are removed. if you need, just download from market.

Addons on demand....

1. Google sync apps


2. Advts blocking hosts file


3. for people looking for additional stock apps.


4. http://d-h.st/j1I

CWM_Android4.2_keyboard_all_Lang for people looking for additional languages.

To flash other stock apps which are not included in slimwizz you just need to open CWM_Package_Template.zip on desktop and add desired files to appropriate folders. you can pull them from any other XXLSC stock ROMs. Again zip the folder (/system should be at the root of zip directory structure). Then push this package to phone/extsdcard and flash using CWM.

Download ROM:


Download Tablet Edition









bearbeitet von dj.fritte

196MB für eine TW Rom :respekt::icon_chee

Habe seit gestern imn Gebrauch- kann ich nur Positives berichten!

Sehr smooth, die DPI ist nicht so mein Fall, aber es sieht echt hübsch aus. Akku mit Einstellen, Downloads, etc. 28Stunden durchgehalten.

Habe am Anfang das Problem, dass die Android Tastatur dauernd abgestürzt ist- das ist mit dem Addon behoben. Ich habe einfach Swype Installiert, dann ging es auch.

Ales was in einem TW ROM funktioniert, funktioniert hier auch.



196MB für eine TW Rom :respekt::icon_chee

Ist eine Leistung....viel weniger (Das es noch funktioniert) geht wohl kaum. :respekt:

Mein Dank an dj.fritte fürs "FINDEN" :icon_chee



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