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[ROMS]ICS FULL STOCK V30A & V30B with root, Busybox, init.d - CWM ins

Civato hat bei XDA mal eine CWM Version der 30a und 30b gemacht und ich darf sie hier auch veröffentlichen.


This is for people that want stock experience with the possibility of root, busybox and init.d support, but don't want the blingbling or tweaks from a custom rom.

These are full stock roms, meaning it is still odexed.

Modifications are help tools and have no effect on the stability and performance compared to a OTA updated.


ICS unlocked bootloader required with ICS partition layout.

Custom recovery for ICS.

Full wipe if coming from a different rom.

Install with custom recovery.

It is best to use the V30.. baseband for this.

V30A & V30B got 100% the same baseband and ril, I compared them with merge.



These are full stock LG ICS roms with the following modifications.


(SU 3.1.3)

-BusyBox 1.20.2

(Busybox is installed as primary and not default toolbox)

-Init.d support (Ramdisk modded for this)

For people that want to use scripts, like V6Supercharger or any other that needs init.d.

Folder is already present in "system/etc"

-Data mounted in EXT4 like the rest of the system.

(Ramdisk modded for this)


(CWM installation)

-Build date: Nov-30-2012

-EU region (open)

-Build for the following countries:

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, France Caraibes, France Reunion, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, UK


(CWM installation)

-Build date: Dec-18-2012

-ESA region (open)

-Build for the following countries:

Algeria,Angola,Bahrain,Iran,Ghana,D.R. Congo,Iraq,Israel,Ivory coast,Jordan,Kenya,Kuwait,Lebanon,Nigeria,Oman,Pal estine,Qatar,Saudi,Senegal,SouthAfrica,Syria,Tunis ia,Turkey,UAE,


-Side info , these roms are fully based on the stock KDZ files that I extracted and pulled the full system from it and turned it into a cwm flashable package.

I used spyrosk Toolkit for it and kitchen with .img extraction tool. This way I got a clean boot.img and system dump .img that I then turned into a system build folder.

The same way I build my custom roms

-Every one that wants can use these roms as a base for a custom rom that they want to build.

I will add any new LG stock release in the future , so if you got a stock LG KDZ file just link it for me.

Big THX to Civato,great work

Ist die 30B auch in Deutsch?

Gesendet von meinem LG-P990 mit Tapatalk 2

lies doch mal das Chanelog!!

Da steht welche Sprachen unterstützt werden

Ist die 30B auch in Deutsch?

Gesendet von meinem LG-P990 mit Tapatalk 2

Zumindest bei der v30B Stock ist Deutsch als Sprache dabei.

Gesendet von meinem LG-P990 mit Tapatalk 2

Wo kann man das herunterladen?

is des so schwer im ersten post auf V30A oder V30B zu klicken???

:dankescho tut mir leid. bin nicht darauf gekommen dass das links sind

schönen abend noch

no brobläm, ;)

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