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Samsung Galaxy Note - AbyssNote

current vers.

Changelog v1.2:

Add Deep sleep fix

Add new governor: Lagfree, Lazy, Savagedzen, Luizactive by Tegrak

S5pv310: cpu_high: fix freq voltage table

AbyssNote Kernel v1.2 download:


(bitte flasht die *.zip mit der CWM App, unter: Flash Update)


older vers.:

Changelog v1.1:

Add frequency 1704Mhz

Frequencies now available:


Add RCU classic


cgroup: Introduce timer slack subsystem

Add tweak by IntersectRaven

s5p devs.c: nLuns = 2

Add separate handler for GPIO_BT_WAKE on/off

Enable BT debugging for BT_WAKE logs

Enabled ram console

wakelock: remove sync workqueue

input: evdev: Add missing wake_lock destroy

lib: introduce some memory copy macros and functions

Fixed ext4 disk write performance regression

Other changes that do not remember

AbyssNote Kernel v1.1 download:


(bitte flasht die *.zip mit der CWM App, unter: Flash Update)

initial release

AbyssNote Kernel v1.0 download:


(Bitte beachten! Diese *.rar enthält nur die zImage !, flasht die zImage Datei nicht über CWM Recovery,

nutzt die CWM App unter: Flash Kernel !)



Solltet Ihr schon mal einen AbyssNote Kernel geflasht haben, beachtet, dass das erste booten in die CWM Recovery ca. 20-30 sek. dauern kann.

Also bittet geduldig sein ;)

bearbeitet von Buddler
Präfix und Titel


[Kernel][02.12.11][samsung Galaxy Note][AbyssNote][v1.3]

Changelog v1.3:

Add frequency 50Mhz

enabled SCHED_MC and AFTR for arm topology

rcu: Fix unpaired rcu_irq_enter() from locking selftests

mm: grab rcu read lock in move_pages()

mm/mempolicy.c: add rcu read lock to protect pid structure

rcu: limit rcu_node leaf-level fanout

Add SLQB Allocator

mm/mempolicy.c: add rcu read lock to protect pid structure

mempolicy: remove tasklist_lock from migrate_pages

PM: Introduce library for device-specific OPPs (v7)

PM: wakelocks: Don't report wake up wakelock if suspend aborted

lib/crc: add slice by 8 algorithm to crc32.c

tcp: Increase the initial congestion window to 10

TCP: increase default initial receive window.


AbyssNote Kernel v1.3

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)


[Kernel][07.12.11][samsung Galaxy Note][AbyssNote][v1.5]

current vers.

Changelog v1.5:

Fix for 50Mhz frequency

Enabled intellimand governor

Disabled luizactive governor

Ashmem fix

Ondemand, conservative governor tweaks modified

BLN kernel support enabled (even though we have to change liblights.c, for now with BLN the LEDs do not work properly)

Changed optimizations

AbyssNote Kernel v1.5 download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

__________________________________________________ _______________

older vers.:

Changelog v1.4:

Camera bugfix

Added xt_quota2

Conservator governor modified

Others little fix

All functions of AbyssNote kernel 1.3

AbyssNote Kernel v1.4 download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)


[Kernel][12/11/11][samsung Galaxy Note][AbyssNote][v2.0]

current vers.

Changelog v2.0:

Changed to new workqueue

Added bluetooth fix

Removed 50 Mhz frequency

Added 1664 Mhz frequency

Some cpu governor modifications

SIO i/o scheduler default

Re-enabled Sched_mc

Many updated patches for ARM topology

Enabled AFTR CPU idle mode

Little modify in mali driver

Changed configuration

Added in cpuidle :extend cpuidle and menu governor to handle dynamic states

sched.fair: removed cpumask_clear_cpu

Some unnecessary code cleanups and tweaks

All functions of AbyssNote kernel 1.5

AbyssNote Kernel v2.0 download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)


[Kernel][12/19/11][samsung Galaxy Note][AbyssNote][v2.3]

Changelog v2.3:

  • Reverted configuration and compression to 2.1
  • Remove rcu_needs_cpu_flush() to avoid false quiescent states
  • Remove the per cpu tick skew
  • Little fix in freq scaling

AbyssNote Kernel v2.3 download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Update Version v2.4 & v2.5

Changelog v2.5:

Timers: Removed timerworkqueue for re-improving performance

PM / Suspend: Fix ordering of calls in suspend error paths

AbyssNote Kernel v2.5 download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v2.5 (with orig. logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)


Changelog v2.4:

Added mc1mn2_voodoo driver module

Removed the usb charging cap. Added faster USB charge

Addition of freq_cpu1on and cleanups

Mali thresholds modification support

Ondemand, hotplug and cpufreq changes

Added Abyss Logo

init: skip calibration delay if previously done

init/calibrate.c: remove annoying printk

init/calibrate.c: fix for critical bogoMIPS intermittent calculation …

portd calibrate from 2.6.39

printk: Don't allow cpu to get console lock during hotplugging

sched: Do not block when waiting to free old root domain

sched: use the old min_vruntime when normalizing on dequeue

ashmem: Fix flush routine of ashmem

ashmem: Add cache flush routines to ashmem


AbyssNote Kernel v2.4 download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Update Version v2.6 & v2.7

Changelog v2.7:

New vdd_levels interface

Inserted Thunderbolt 2.3.5 script and patched libsqlite

Changes for defconfig

Allow CPU Unaligned access (++performances)

Power: Add option to log time spent in suspend

Changed default i/o scheduler: Deadline

Boot frequencies changed : 1400-100

Logger already enabled into the kernel

Changed to XZ Compression only for KERNEL (+speed, --size)

Others little fix

AbyssNote Kernel v2.7 (with custom logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v2.7 (with orig. logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Notes for v2.7:

Do you have Thunderbolt scripts (S98System_tweak) in the init.d? If there is in init.d, delete it, then flash v2.7!

to find S98System_tweak = /ect/init.d/


AbyssNote Kernel V2.7 have already this tweak inside!


Changelog v2.6 Final:

Fix for Voodoo Louder App

Inserted new Thunderbolt script

Front Cam fixed

AbyssNote Kernel v2.6 Final (with custom logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v2.6 Final (with orig. logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Changelog v2.6 pre:

Added lulzactive V2 for compatibility with lulzactive app by Tegrak

Disabled smooth scaling for interactive based governors (interactive, interactivex, lulzactive)

New mali drivers from Galaxy Tab Plus, PLUS the DVFS part which has 3 steps instead of 2.

Fixed ondemandx governor

Modified v® i/o scheduler


Added bfq v3r1 i/o scheduler

fuse.ko, ntfs.ko, mc1n2_voodoo.ko modules pre-loaded

Added thunderbolt script (thanks zacharias maladroit)

Scheduler fixes

some tweaks and fixes

New custom logo (Custom logo version) thanks jaliscool

AbyssNote Kernel v2.6 pre (with custom logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v2.6 pre (with orig. logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Update Version v2.8

Changelog v2.8:

Reverted to mali driver from 2.6

ARM: 6941/1: cache: ensure MVA is cacheline aligned in flush_kern_dcache_area do not aligned

ARM: 7172/1: dma: Drop GFP_COMP for DMA memory allocations

clocksource: Fix bug with max_deferment margin calculation

Home key delay fix

Allow CPU Aligned access

ram_console: pass in a boot info string

Modified tmu.c: This may be necessary to prevent lockups when playing demanding games.

Others little fix

AbyssNote Kernel v2.8 Final (with custom logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v2.8 (with orig. logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Notes for v2.8:

If you use ROM with Thunderbolt scripts, must be deleted.

Otherwise it conflicts with that contained in the kernel


AbyssNote Kernel V2.7 have already inside those tweaks!

Update Version v3.0 Final

Changelog v3.0 Final:

Sound: clock fixed at 100MHz while playing music

Updated mc1n2 voodoo driver

pmem: fix buddy free memory corruption bug

Added idle_notifier support

Some more lulzactive changes

Fixed a nasty bug in interactive governor

Some fixes in thunderbolt.sh + some new vm tweaks

Lowered bus frequency threshold

Enabled ARM_ERRATA_764369, 754322, 754327

Audio bug fix

Fix Support Forcing launcher into memory (tested and working, no more bootloop)

Others little fix

AbyssNote Kernel v3.0 Final (with custom logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v3.0 Final (with orig. logo) download:

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Update Version v3.5

Changelog v3.5:

Replaced the recovery with Hyperdroid Redpill Recovery. (Thanks to Hyperdroid team and Redpill kernel developer(s)). This recovery can also mount both internal and external sd.

Changed some mali internals (set staycounts for steps to: 0-1-1 and down threshold for second step is set to 35).

Enabled TINY_SHMEM (should improve performance)

Revisited Ondemand and LulzactiveV2 Governors

Tweaked Conservative and SmartassV2 governors a bit more

Added AbyssPlug and Weathley Governors

Removed jrcu leftover

Added new rcu patches

MM: slub: Default slub_max_order to 0

MXT540E: Added Touchscreen fix

Modified gamma table

Others little fix

AbyssNote Kernel v3.5 Final (with custom logo) download

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v3.5 Final (with orig. logo) download

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

bearbeitet von bergis3

Update Version v3.5b

Changelog v3.5b:

Added NoMoarPowah compatibility

rest like v3.5

AbyssNote Kernel v3.5b (with custom logo) download

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

AbyssNote Kernel v3.5b (with orig. logo) download

(pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Update Version v3.5c

Changelog v3.5c:

Re-inserted logger module into the kernel for compatibility with various apps

rest like v3.5 + v3.5b

Download costom Logo (pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Download original Logo (pls. flash *.zip via CWM)

Hier mal meine Frage:

Habe nun den Abyss Kernel Ver. 3.5 drauf.

Macht es Sinn jetzt mit SetCPU oder ähnlichem an der Taktung zu drehen?

Hi, also ich finde die Fahrgeschwindigkeit mit dem Kernel absolut ausreichend. Mir wär es lieber, er würde zusätzlich auch Custom Bootanimationen und Voodoo-Sound unterstützen.

Ich flashe zuvor immer den CF-Root-Kernel. Damit habe ich Root und die zeitsparende CWM-App im Drawer. Im Anschluss flashe ich den aktuellen Abyss-Note-Kernel, der meines Erachtens zusätzlich die Performance steigert. Die CWM-App bleibt im Drawer und funktioniert auch weiterhin.

LG stefan z

Bin auch so vorgegangen. Erst cf root, dann über cwm den abyss 3.5 kernel. Dachte die b und c versionen sind testversionen. Läuft bisher sehr smooth und angenehm mit der xxla4.

Also, warum man beim Note mit dem Gedanken spielt die Taktung zu ändern kann ich nicht ganz nachvollziehen. Denn da läuft ein Dualcore mit 1,4 Gig drin. Völlig Ausreichend. Aber gut, das ist Geschmackssache. Beim Milestone mit 550 Mh machte das Durchaus Sinn die Taktung auf 1 Ghz u Schrauben da es sonst zu Ruckelig war.

Ich habe mir den Abyss Kernel 3.5b drauf gezogen und bin sehr zufrieden. Geschwindigkeit und Akkuleistung haben meines erachtens Positiv zugelegt.

Also nur zu empfehlen :)

Mal kurz Off Topic: Wenn ich mein Galaxy mit Kies verbinde zeigt er an das FW Aktualisierungen von dem Gerät nicht unterstützt werden. Liegt das an der Sheep Rom ?

bearbeitet von LordNeo

Servus Leute,

habe mir das heute auch installiert, und muss sagen: Is echt schneller geworden und noch flüssiger.

Komischerweise geht bei mir nun der Market nicht mehr! Sagen wir mal so: Market geht, aber es wird der Download gestartet, allerdings nicht ausgeführt!!!

Habe gestern Rocket ROM draufgezogen und da ging noch alles.

Jemand ne Idee / oder hab ich (als blutiger Anfänger) was falsch gemacht?

3.5 runtergezogen und mit CWM geflasht!


Wat nun???

Hat sich erledigt! Hatte DROIDWall installiert und dort war noch etwas geblockt!


ich habe mal noch ein Frage obwohl ich den Abyss Kernel schon per CWM geflasht habe.

Ich habe die .zip unzipped und dann das zimage geflasht. Weil ich kein Update mit der .zip flashen konnt und er unter "flash kernel" den Kernel nicht gefunden hat (sowohl als ungezipptes .zip als auch als gezipptes).

Hätte ich die META.inf mitflashen müssen?

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