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Samsung Galaxy Note - AryaMod [4.1.2]

AryaMod Rom


v6 :

Deodex base

Back to Speedmod kernel again as this kernel is more compatible with AryaMod in term of performance, battery life and stability (This kernel doesn't include any touch recovery like Philz and you do NOT need is as you should not flash any other in AryaMod ROM)

Updated busybox

Added Lock screen Torch in AryaMod Extra Features Settings

Added and Improved "Disable" to "Long press to Kill Button" in AryaMod Extra Features Settings

Removed Music Settings and Added "Volume to Skip sound track" toggle in in AryaMod Extra Features Settings

Improved Internet speed meter in in AryaMod Extra Features Settings, working on fly

Added Uses in Settings

Mod to have more than 300 fonts without external apk

Updated Some apps

Added VIPER4Android FX

Updated Xposed Installer

S5 Reboot Sound

More S5 Icons

Added S5 and AryaMod Custom wallpaper in Wallpaper Chooser

S5 Lockscreen wallpaper

S5 Homescreen wallpaper

2 themes; S5 and Note3, this build comes with Note3 theme

3 Weather Widget; S5, S4 and 100% Transparent

2 TW Launcher; 5x4 and 5x5 both modded with AryaMod CSC features and Super Fast performance

NON-Modded Phone app for those who needs Video Calling feature as Automatic Call Records breaks this feature so if you need Stock Video Calling feature you need to used NON-Modded Phone app with no call record

Added Bulgarian Language


v6 Rom & Mods Download : Hier


Rom Download

Rom auf SD-Karte oder Internen Speicher packen

In der Recovery : Abyss Kernel flashen

Nun noch im CWM unter "Advanced".."Recovery Reboot" ausführen

Das Note bootet wieder in den Recovery, nun: Wipe Data/Factory Reset auswählen und dann Install .zip from Sd-Card auswählen

Und dann letztendlich die Rom flashen und zurücklehnen



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