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Samsung Galaxy Note -PhilZ-cwm6 - Custom Pure Stock Based Kernel

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PhilZ-cwm6 - Custom Pure Stock Based Kernel

Now v2.5 with multi-bootanimation support

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<<< Featuring Permanent Clockworkmod Recovery v6.0.1.4 >>>

< init.d, customboot, root, adb root in recovery >


Phil3759 Kernel ist flashbar über Stock-Recovery und bringt Root+CWMR. Dieser Kernel soll "recht" sicher für alle ICS ROMs sein.


Patched kernel to avoid brick bug issues on ICS 4.0.4

Clockworkmod v6.0.1.4 recovery - Wipe /data safely in recovery

Pure stock kernel (only ramdisk changes)

Can be flashed in Stock Recovery (root + no yellow triangle) or in Odin

ADB root in recovery: just wait about a minute to activate

Init.d and customboot.sh support

Introduced support for custom MULTI-bootanimation (bin and zip) ** NEW v2.5 **

Now ro.secure is enabled, no more insecure kernel (adb root in recovery via cwm adbd) ** NEW v2.5 **

PhilZ-cwm6 vs CF-Root: CF-Root is the all-times reference when we talk about custom stock based kernels. So, why PhilZ-cwm6 kernel?

PhilZ-cwm6 comes with Clockworkmod 6 for added features (incremental backups...) and smoother GUI (for touch version)

PhilZ-cwm6 has patched kernel to disable MMC_CAP_ERASE : you can wipe/format in cwm6 safely

CWM 6 is also natively brickbug proof on wipe /data even on non patched kernel

Both CF-Root and PhilZ-cwm6 support init.d and customboot.sh

PhilZ-cwm6 is now no more true insecure. Like other custom kernels, ADB root access in recovery is through cwm adbd

PhilZ-cwm6 introduces brand new and original support for multi-bootanimations ** NEW v2.5 **

CF-Root is pre-rooted and will wipe any custom busybox on start-up.

PhilZ-cwm6 comes rooted in a zip package that can be flashed directly in STOCK RECOVERY (ICS only): no yellow triangle or custom binary counter issues

PhilZ-cwm6 in odin version is not pre-rooted: it can be easily done using any of my root scripts here


PhilZ-cwm6 comes natively with the last busybox 1.20.2, that is entirely part of the cwm recovery (/sbin/busybox)


- Tallustus from Team Skyfire for his support in proper building cwm6 from source MAJOR CREDITS

- Chenglu for his great unpack / repack tool: MAJOR CREDITS

- dr.ketan for his precious support in porting PhilZ-cwm6 to the N7000 and for all his work for the N7000 community. Thank him a lot for the faster mirrors too

- Siyah for their great kernel and scripting

- Chainfire for his support (stock recovery flash) and the CF-Root kernels (bible to learn scripting)

- Koush for his great work on CWM6 and CM

- Cyanogenmod for their scripts / initramfs

- superatmos and Dharam_Maniar for their great guides on unpacking/building custom kernels

- utkanos for his great and kind support over IRC

What Kernel to choose:

The important part is the Kernel code:


Kernel code is in red (LRT), for this example, you need an LRT ROM. However, often, you can mix kernels when they are close: LR5 kernel with LR6 ROM...

DBT code doesn't matter at all, I add it for reference, it is the CSC

XX: mixed, often doesn't matter for close regions. For example, XW and XX are often interchangeable. However, mixing a DD with an XX ROM or inversly, sometimes works, but often ends in a bootloop. In that case, either boot into recovery or download mode to reflash

DOWNLOAD LINKS und Anleitung



PhilZ 3.5 ZIP----->KLICK

PhilZ 3.5 TAR----->KLICK


New in v3.5 : PhilZ Touch v3.25 Recovery (CWM based)

Update to cwm

Flash kernels inside recovery

Time stamped kernel backups

Universal efs/kernel/ors mount path support through recovery.fstab (build from source for any phone)

Completely revised new touch code (3.0+)

Much more user friendly touch experience (3.0+)


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