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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Bezke InnOvaTioN S2

[ROM] Bezke InnOvaTioN S2 1.2 - XWKK5 - 2011.12.01. - Jkay, Gtalk Video, Call record

Bezke InnOvaTioN S2


Bezke Innovation S2 1.2 XWKK5 2.3.6 ROM.

This rom is based on Gingerbread XWKK5 2.3.6 with Jkay 13.2 and the most wanted moddings.



- Based on XWKK5 Gingerbread 2.3.6

- XXKI4 Modem

- Multi CSC

- Deodexed

- Siyah 2.3 Kernel

- Init.d tweaks added / Universal SAS Tweaks/

- Google Talk with Video

- muveszur's Mms added /no auto convert after 4 sms, ...../

- Adfree host list added /you dont the advertisements/

- some app added into data dir: cwm man, home swtchr, quadrant, miui music, voltage ctrl,

- wallpapers, cf3d plugins, install to sd card

- Percentage battery

- Modded TW4 with 5 icons

- Phone call record added

- Browser with user agent and without overglow and modded text

- and so many goods...

/more about rom later..../


This is NOWipe vesion.

1, Root your Phone /Use Cf root kernel, install it from Odin 1.85/

2, Copy the zip to internal sd

3, Install it from sd card

4, Reboot and happy

If you had earlier jkay modded, than before flash rom, make a factory reset too /wipe data/



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