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Samsung Galaxy S2 - MikiMod CarbonOcean


MikiMod CarbonOcean

Originalthread XDA

First I feel the potential problems with the English, still need a little support from google translator.

I present my rom in version 5.1 (previous versions are in the Spanish forum I frequent There he will see only good things about it



Version 8.0 Changelog and Downloads

Version 8 (KK5)

- Kernel 2.0 and optional Siyah in MikiMod_CO

- No shutter sounds on camera

- Auto Brightness modified screen (minimum brightness is quite short to not stay in bed blind, and the rest a bit softer to improve battery)

- Camera shutter buttons with physical

- Supports optional Arabic RTL (see download section extras)

- Call Recording and enlarged in the photo dialer.

- Modified Mms.apk unlimited recipients, 4 mms and sms is not more

- New cosmetic changes (letters of notice and watch the theme tune with colored icons etc)

- Apps themed to go in tune with the theme

- New binary superuser.apk and

- Further improvement of performance (especially for some alternative apps and launchers)

- GPS with European settings.

- Added angrygps.apk for better GPS reception

- New Jkay v12 thousand and one settings (you must install the app, is in a folder in / sdcard/MikiMod_CO/JkayDeluxesettingsV12.apk)

- Added new font smaller, which gives an HD look very cute.

- New lockscreen background

- Gtalk with support for video

- I think I solved some problems with external sd (slow) and the reproduction of some video formats.

- Browser user agent switcher with Options

- App CWM

- Support BLN (* NOTE * the kernel does not support BLN series, but if you install another rom has the necessary libraries)

- Values ​​MDNIe modified to avoid screens Yellowish SuperAmoledPlus

- I recommend installing the App ScreenTunning to further improve the quality of the screen (especially colors in the same app can see the difference)

- Many Performance Tweaks

- With adjustable TouchWiz alphabetical order

- Cosmic Astronaut Bootanimation xD

- Special transition effects xD

- CRT-off without pixelation

- Extended Menu off

-% 1 in 1 battery

- Connection to google icons (change if you are connected or not with google services)

- Minimum consumption Maximum speed

- All my love and love

- And more things that are sure to forget

- Further improvement of performance and battery. I hope comments.

- Added TW4.5 on the sdcard MikiMod_Co

Installation notes and download link Please READ

- Wipes optional, as long as you come to a rom with KI4 Base.

- Install the folder / sdcard / app Mikimod_CO Jkaydeluxev12.1 necessary for the functioning of the task bar to scroll, the screen lock, On / Off crt effect, and a thousand things more.

- Once installed you can change the kernel rom at your will.

- Remember to do the installation lite to flash the zip Do_Lite_Normal.zip (CWM) or edit yours in Do_Lite_Al_Gusto.zip


Very simple.

Download the zip for installation and place it on your phone.

We went into recovery (combo well with vol + Home button and power or some kind of external app if you have)

I am in favor of making all wipes when installing something new, to make the installation cleaner and avoid mistakes, but each to do what you want. (Even so check the installation notes for each rom to see if any were special)

To do this, wipe data / factory reset, wipe wipe dalvikcache cache and advanced.

And finally install the zip: install zip form sdcard / choose zip / and choose the zip

Reboot and ready

Onset is usually somewhat slower, since it is completely normal at the first boot android creates many files and that takes time.

Version 8 (KK5)


Version 6 (KI4)


Version 5.0 Downloads

MikiMod v5.0


Version 5.1 (KI4)

Installation notes and download link Please READ

- IMPORTANT It is a package to flash after the 5.0 without the 5.0 does not do anything.

- Added new tweaks and changed other settings.

- Added folder with extras MikiMod_CO promised in version 5.0 (kernels, extra apps, app Jkay, wallpapers etc)

- In the folder are the zips MikiMod_CO to make lite app.

MikiMod v5.1



You can install any universal theme in the beginning, though it might not work as well as they should, this problem would be only the subject and not mine.

Here I will put the CarbonBlue of @ rastafary (best blue theme of the moment) a little touched up with the aesthetics of my rom. 100% functional on any version CarbonOcean [KI3]


For version 5.0 & 5.1 [KI4]



not work in v5.0 at the moment


@ Lexullde theme Blackblue




RTL without keyboards


RTL with Keyboards (samsung and swype)


bearbeitet von Buddler

Na das sieht ja auch sehr vielversprechend aus.. setzt auch auf SpeedMod kernel - da weiss man was man hat :biggrin:

Phuu - da kommt man ins Schwitzen bei den vielen ROMs...:rolleyes:

Lach...ja,schiessen derzeit wie Pilze aus dem Boden.Aber wie du schon geschrieben hast...diese ROM hier setzt auf einen stabilen und erprobten Kernel..deswegen dacht ich mal,den enthalte ich euch nicht vor :blob:

Update Version 6 (KI4) Post #1

Hat die schon jemand probiert- ich bin selber leider noch nicht dazu gekommen?

Update Version 8 (KK5)

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