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Samsung Galaxy S3 - UltimaROM




The AROMA installer is being used to give you the choice of what is installed. There is also a bloatware removing option for those that like to do that.

No need to wipe data in CWM beforehand. Can be done from the installer. Super Wipe and normal Wipe included.

Installer will automatically clear dalvik cache and cache.

CWM Required

Wallpapers are installed to /sdcard/Pictures/Wallpapers/


Official XXEMD3 4.1.2 Jellybean.

Jelly Bean Domination - True AOSP style

AROMA Installer 2.56

OTA Updates

Good battery life

Many Kernels Included

Bloatware Remover Option

Essential Apps included, Install optional

Custom Launchers Option

Build.prop Tweaks

Latest SuperSU and su binary

52 ICS Blue & Green Wallpapers included

Google Galaxy Nexus 4

AOSP Keyboard and Android 4.2 Keyboard

Nexus 4 Launcher

Nexus 4 Clock

Google GenieWidget and Wallet included (Wallet USA only)

Galaxy Nexus 4.2 Camera and Gallery included

Galaxy Nexus 4 Wallpapers included

Nexus Mode option

AOSP/Nexus/CM10 Sounds pack option

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Ink Effect Lockscreen - Unlimited Colours

Ripple Live Wallpaper

Note Torch Widget


Galaxy Note II Keyboard

Galaxy Note II Camera (Jobnik)


Inverted Play Store Themed Blue (Latest version 3.10.10)

Inverted YouTube (HD over 3G) Themed Blue (Latest version 4.2.16)

Inverted Dropbox Themed Blue (Latest version 2.2.2)

Inverted GMail Themed Blue (Latest version 4.2.1)

Inverted Jelly Bean Calendar Option

Inverted Google Play Music Option

AOSP MMS, E-mail and Browser apps options

AppSales, GPSFix, Swipe Dialler, Xposed Framework


Multiple 23 Toggles options

Multiple 1% Battery options

AOSP Lockscreen Toggle

Advanced System Bar Clock Options

Extended power menu

Custom Boot Animations

Internal2External SD Script option

Transparent Accuweather Widget with Blue Date

Blue Date Lockscreen Clock

Call Recording Option

Long Press Volume to change tracks

MegaBassBeats Audio option

Patched for less TouchWiz redraws

No SMS receipent limit/MMS conversion


UltimaROM - v15.0 Titan

Updated to latest Samsung Firmware XXEMH1

Optimised ALL PNG's in ALL apps

Fixed Stock Kernel issues

Fixed the AOSP Phone.apk - Fixing the Mobile Networks option in the settings, Access to APN settings and adds compatibility with the 2G toggle for the 25 Power Toggles

Fixed the stock Gallery not being installed with the GPE camera.

Fixed TouchWiz installation not installing chosen transparency settings

Fixed Samsung Service Menu when dialling *#*#197328640#*#* not showing when using AOSP Phone

Fixed Calendar theming for themed version (clock, recurring date picker and settings)

Fixed AOSP Vibration setting now looks correct (on for on, off for off)

Fixed Samsung Icons in Settings (now gone, as they should be!)

Fixed Titanium Backup FC on boot

Fixed Settings app icons (now change appropriately when light theme selected

Fixed AOSP Contacts Event creation FC (can now set birthdays and so on).

Fixed Google Calendar "Select Calendars to Display" not being themed Holo Dark.

Fixed MX Player startup - no longer askes to download codecs

Removed 4.1.2 S-Voice. The 4.2.2 is exactly the same, but darker. So no need to have two options.

Removed Siyah Kernel - It's old, outdated and there are better ones base don it.

Changed Wallpaper app - now built from source. Yay for easy editing!

Changed the Wallpaper App to save with the filename, rather than the current date - better readability

Changed the Wallpaper App to save images in a folder for each category

Changed the Wallpaper App to save images in the "All" Category with the author name instead of "All"

Changed SystemUI signal icons cluster to match AOSP - more compact and therefore better, imho

Changed AOSP Mms themed version a little. Some widget colours were wrong.

Changed AOSP Contacts theme a little. Changed some colours to make it look like a proper Theme.Holo app.

Changed MIUI file Explorer for one that's more Holo-like

Changed Settings App Theme picker

Changed Settings App layout to try and be more logical

Changed Boot Animation picker, added some settings to it

Changed the method for enabling the Navigation Bar (Onscreen Buttons) no longer require build.prop editing, all handled in code.

Changed default Launcher for UltimaROM Standard to the Nexus/Stock Launcher

Unique Icon for Settings, OTA and Wallpaper apps

Reverted the TWRP theme to the old one. New one causing issues. You will need to delete the TWRP folder on your SDcard before you can flash the ROM

Added Googy Kernel to installer

Added Launcher Icon to Wallpaper app

Added Hostname editor in Setings App (UltimaROM Settings--Mods--Device Hostname)

Added Moto X Wallpapers to app

Added Volume Panel timeout

Added NFC Mod back in (sorry, didn't know it still worked!)

Added white message bubbles for AOSP MMS and Google Hangouts

Added Extended Power Menu Toggle - Yep, it's back and it works now.

Added several lockscreen weather icon sets

Added AOSP Keyboard mod for numbers row (Thanks Maxniper)

Added Menu button in Lockscreen option (turns on or off the menu button to unlock the device on slide lockscreens).

Added Email Security toggle in mod settings for Samsung E-Mail (AOSP Doesn't have this issue)

Added Pie Control - Find in Settings

Added Power Toggle... Toggle. Choose Stock or 25 Toggles without rebooting!

Added SideBar Plus

Added two new Boot animations (thanks to Droidshift79)

Added numerous new wallpapers for UltimaROM

Added Xperia Lockscreen

Added OpenVPN binary

Updated Kernels

Updated Themed apps

Updated Google apps and Misc apps

Updted Xposed Installer

Optimised UltimaROM Settings app, severely reduced size

Probably more!

UltimaROM - v14.0.1 Shiva

Fixes stock MMS installation problems and Phone/Messaging force closes on boot

UltimaROM - v13.0 Ramuh

Updated to latest Jelly Bean Firmware XXEMD3

Updated ALL Mods to XXEMD3 base

Added 1% Battery Mod to Advanced Settings

Added AOSP Contacts and Dialler

Added HTC Lockscreen

Added Rotary Lockscreen

Removed Bottom 25 Toggles postion

Added Transparent/Colour Notification picker

Added Alarm Icon Toggle

Added Tab Slider and AOSP styled Tab Slider Lockscreen

Added Battery Bar

Added Toggles, Signal Icon and Battery Colour chooser

Removed many things from the installer to save space. Xperia Z Keyboard, WeatherLove Widget (get from market), LG Weather

Rotating Lockscreen removed as it messes with newer Lockscreens (sorry!)

Fixed S4 icons

Fixed S4 Sounds

Updated SuperSU

Updated a number of other apps

Updated and fixed Samsung Link

Added Google Hangouts (replacing Talk) and themed version.

Removed Swipe Dialler (unnecessary now with the AOSP Contacts)

Stock Google 4.1.2 Calculator replaces Samsung one (smaller, better RAM footprint)

Added Video Editor from Nexus 7 ROM

Fixed AOSP Vibration and IME Toggle (no longer have to toggle on and off to make it work)

Added Wakelag fix toggle - read the information carefully and decide if it's for you. YMMV.

Fixed Lockscreen torch. Now you hold the home button to activate. The screen doesn't go off while you have the Torch running.

Fixed Call Recording mod (including the delay). You can now switch off the recording button.

Added battery full notification toggle and low battery warning toggle.

Added TricksterMOD app for configuring Kernels (alongisde their respective apps, if any)

Added Blocking Mode toggle in settings

Added ExternalSD2InternalSD toggle in settings

UltimaROM - v12.0 Phoenix

Updated to latest Jelly Bean Firmware XXEMC3

Updated ALL Mods to XXEMC3 base

Updated Jelly Bean Domination to 1.8

Added Statusbar colour and transparancy control in Settings

Added Clock colour control in Settings

Added Galaxy S4 Ringtones

Added Galaxy S4 S-Voice

Enabled HD-Voice for all (hopefully)

Added Statusbar Transparency on the fly mod

Added IME Switcher on the fly mod

Added AOSP Lockscreen Vibration on the fly mod

Added AOSP MMS and Play Store icon choice

Added Apollo Music Player v1.0

Added Greenify

Added Google: Translate, Earth, Starmap, Shopper, Googles and Ears

Changed On-screen controls to the Nexus 10 style and Holo blue instead of horrible Samsung colours

Disabling Boot Animation to UltimaROM Settings

Software Buttons to UltimaROM Settings

Fixed errors with not choosing an MMS apk

Fixed error from not choosing a kernel or modem

Fixed themed GMail and AOSP MMS (black text for recipeients name).

Fixed Flash Player installation (works on boot)

Updated all kernels to their latest versions

Updated all recoveries to their latest versions

Updated UltimaROM Settings, integrated Call recording settings and ink settings into it

Removed the APK's as mentioned above

Updated BoefflaSound

Updated Snote to XXDMC3 by Or1m

Updated YouTube and GMail themed and unthemed apks

Updated Play Store to latest (4.0.25)

Updated various other APKs, Chrome, SNote, Note II Keyboard

Updated ES File Explorer to 3.0

Updated Flash Player

Updated S4 Wallpapers to full HD

Updated Xposed App Settings to v0.3

Updated Trebuchet to 1.0 (still FC's when setting homescreens. This happens to all versions).

Probably more but it's hard to keep track!


All Versions

Kernels, Modems, Previous Versions and everything else:

Mods Downloads Section

bearbeitet von viper_86

Kannst ja noch einen Detaillierten Post abgeben, wenn du die Rom auf Herz und Nieren getestet hast :) (Natürlich nur wenn du möchtest)

Aber schön das die Rom die gefällt.


Habe es seit drei Tagen drauf und bin begeistert kein besseres gehabt und habe fast alle durch.

Meine Frage kann ich einen anderen Kernel so flashen oder geht das in die Hose? Habe jetzt den Perseus und wollte einen anderen probieren mal..??

Wenn der Kernel für Jelly Bean geeignet ist, kannst du ihn bedenkenlos flashen.

Freut mich das die Rom dir gefällt.


Wirklich konnte nichts feststellen und die Akkulaufzeit sowie das Design ist klasse. Welchen Kernel kann man denn noch testen Siyah scheint ja nicht so zu sein im Moment und Phenomenal oder GalaXsih sollen ja auch eine gute Akkulaufzeit bescheren?

Wofür ist das gut Dualboot?

Wie sieht es denn hier mit den Themes aus?

Könnte ich z.B. das Dragon Kitchen starten und mir die Themes und Mods von der Dragon installieren?

Also die Rom ist ja echt schön flüssig und sieht gut aus. Aber im mp3 Player habe ich leider Grafikfehler, die Menüleiste oben ist nur zur Hälfte da...

Wegen den Themes kannst nur testen, und wegen Mp3 Player hast mal im Xda Thread geschaut ob es eine Lösung gibt?


Gesendet mit Tapatalk 2 Hd :-)


[ROM][9th Oct] - UltimaROM v2.3 - [XXDLIB][AROMA][820MB]

Alles weitere findet ihr im Startpost. Viel Spaß.



[ROM][9th Oct] - UltimaROM v2.3.1 - [XXDLIB][AROMA][820MB]

Alles weitere im Startpost.



[ROM][13th Oct] - UltimaROM v2.4 - [XXDLIB][AROMA] eingefügt.


1A Leistung, wirklich der Hammer die Rom!

Nur, unter dem normal pfad finde ich die Wallpaper nicht...

Würd gerne wissen ob es an der Rom liegt oder nicht.

Bei der App Wolfram Alpha funktioniert die Eingabe nicht mehr.

Funktioniert nur, wenn ich die Tastatur auf Swype oder Standard Samsung umstelle.

Bringt mir aber nicht viel da die ganzen PI und Alpha usw. fehlen...

Jelly Bean 4.1.1

Kernel Perseus24


[ROM][19th Oct] - UltimaROM v3.0 - [XXDLJ1][AROMA]


Die ROM ist der Hammer. Hab schon einige durch, aber diese gefällt mir mit Abstand am Besten!!!

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