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Samsung Galaxy S4

können wir ein neues forum einrichten Samsung Galaxy S4?

It looks like mobile companies are already prepping up their phones that will feature 5 inch 1080p displays. Samsung won’t allow itself to be left behind as it is already reported that the company will showcase a full HD 1080p 5-inch Super AMOLED Display at CES 2013.

The reports suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S IV might feature this display although Samsung refuses to comment regarding the matter. Anything more than 5 inches may render the Galaxy Note line useless, so maybe the Galaxy S IV will indeed feature a 5 inch display.

Along with the display, Samsung was also reported to be planning a brand reboot this upcoming CES 2013. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to this coming year.

Wtf is that?! Wo hast du das her? Kannst du die Quelle angeben?

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