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[SD][MIUI][3dak] - HD2 MIUI SD


[sD/MAGLDR]HD2 MIUI 1.2.25 SD/MAGLDR ROM (Kernel-AmeriCanAndroid R2.9) HD2 MIUI 1.2.25 SD/SD MAGLDR ROM (Kernel=AmeriCanAndroid r2.9)

Languages:CHT,CHS, ENG only


1. 3dak customized initrd.gz

2. boot animation changed to MIUI Classic B lack animation

3. OPTIONAL for first start

4. default GPS region is Chinese region.(other regions,pls change the startup.txt file gps_zone= by yourself.) AD free hosts file.

5. Wake up by any keys(HOME, Win,Call,Backspace or Poweroff key)

6. Kernel-AmeriCanAndroid r2.9. thanks warren.

7. 5Mega Pixels Camera supported.

Besides above changes,There is no any other changes/widget/mark and keep original MIUI style.


1.unRAR, and COPY the whole MIUIROM directory to your MicroSD card root directory;

2.unRAR the 1GB_data_img.rar file in the MIUIROM directory and put the decompressed 1GB data.img file in the sdcard root/MIUIROM directory;

3.If you wanna boot this MIUI SD ROM from HTC official/Modified WM6.5 ROM,

Please copy the file rootfs.img in the SDroot\MIUIROM\WM6_SD_rootfs.img directory to the upper ..\MIUIROM directory.

it is used for the HD2 handset installed Official/Modified HD2 WM6.5ROM but also wanna boot this MIUI SD ROM from WM6.5.

If you wanna boot this MIUI SD ROM from MAGLDR,

Please copy the file rootfs.img in the SDroot\MIUIROM\MAGLDR_rootfs.img directory to the upper ../MIUIROM directory.

it is used for the HD2 handset installed Nand/CWM Android or WP7ROM but also wanna boot this MIUI SD ROM from MAGLDR.


How to start


Approach One:WM6.5 ROM:

1.enter the directory sdcard root/MIUIROM

2.Tap clrcad to excute, no any prompt,but actully it has run.

3.Tap HARET, access the MIUI android ROM.

Approach two:MAGLDR V1.12(or V1.13)

1.Install DFT MAGLDR V1.12 or V1.13,for instance , MAGLDR V1.12

2.boot your handset and press the right POWER(RED) Key more than 5 seconds,

access aMAGLDR V1.2 Boot Menu,

use Volume Up/down key to Select 9.Services, use CALL(green) Key to confirm;

then select 1.BootSettings, select 1.Boot Source, Select 1.Android from SD, after confirmed the menu will jump to aMAGLDR V1.2 Boot Menu,

Select 9.Services again, then select 1.BootSettings,Select 3 AD SD Dir

se Volume Up/down key to Select MIUIROM directory,confirm it with CALL(green)key .after confirmed the menu will jump to aMAGLDR V1.2 Boot Menu,


3.In aMAGLDR V1.2 Boot Menu,now Select 2.Boot AD SD, will start to run MIUI ROM from SDcard root/MIUIROM

or reboot your handset, the handset will automaticly boot MIUI ROM from sdcard root/MIUIROM.

3dak 2011.2.25



HD2 MIUI 1.2.25 SD http://www.mediafire.com/?fjreuj01n05a3sw or http://u.115.com/file/f485bdc8c4


I don't suggest to use MIUI-DEV 1.2.25 English Language Package(both Passion & Bravo) to replace this ROM's file , as I knew, you'll encouter FC issue for both original camera and MIUI Camera.both camera will be fubar. It seems that MIUI-DEV didn't translate the latest MIUI camera app and just put old one in the language package but the old one has got FC issue on this latest MIUI version.

Attached Thumbnails attachment.php?attachmentid=529628&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1298905929 attachment.php?attachmentid=529632&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1298906221 attachment.php?attachmentid=529633&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1298906221 attachment.php?attachmentid=529634&stc=1&thumb=1&d=1298906221

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