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sn0wbreeze v2.9.14 WIN (21,80 MB)

Autor: ih8sn0w (Hochgeladen von DaBurner)
Hinzugefügt am: 13.10.2011
Downloads: 13489
Datei Passwort: handy-faq.de
Bewertung: A
What is New?

2.9.14: After Cydia's mishap with aptickets from 6.0 --> 6.1.2 (causing soft-dfu loops), sn0wbreeze now includes an apticket validation. It will verify the apticket after browsing for iOS5+ blobs in iFaith mode.
2.9.14: Added tethered support for A4 devices on iOS 6.1.3 (3GS old bootroms are untethered as usual).
2.9.13: Ugh. More rootfs bug fixes.
2.9.12: Finally fully fixed iPhone3,2 limera1n payload injection issues.
2.9.12: Fixed root filesystem partition re-sizing issues on 5.x.x/6.x.x.= (again :p).
2.9.11: Fixed bug with Cydia having "compatibility-issues" with the untether package on 6.1.2.
2.9.10: Added Apple TV 2 iOS 5.2 sandbox fix. (thanks @nitoTV!)
2.9.10: Added iOS 6.1.2 support for 3GS/A4 devices (as usual).
2.9.9: Fixed issue with device not showing up in iTunes/xcode.
2.9.9: Fixed bug when building iPhone3,2 (iPhone 4 GSM-Rev2) IPSW.
2.9.9: Apple TV 2 bug fixes.
2.9.9: Now adds evasi0n untether directly to Cydia (for future updates).
Added 5.2/6.0.x/6.1 untethers provided by evad3rs
Added iOS 6.1 support for iPhone 3GS, and A4 devices.
Fixed Hacktivation issues on 6.0.x.
Fixed some iFaith mode bugs.

Use iFaith mode after selecting/downloading the appropriate IPSW for your device. You will then be prompted to browse for SHSH blobs for the IPSW you have selected.
Remember to enter a PWNED DFU state with sn0wbreeze's iREB button in the top bar of sn0wbreeze prior to (SHIFT + Restoring) the custom signed IPSW!

A5(X)/A6(X) Support?:
As stated many times in the past, sn0wbreeze cannot be updated to work on A5(X)/A6(X) devices until a low level exploit in DFU or iBoot is found and made public.

A5(X)/A6(X) Baseband Preservation/Hacktivation?
For those running A5(X)/A6(X) devices and need to preserve your baseband, there is nothing you can do at the moment. For those wanting to hacktivate, the only advice I can give is to buy the carrier's SIM (the one its locked to obviously) on ebay. The SIM does not have to be activated with the carrier to activate the phone.

Known Bugs/Issues:
Windows 8 users currently need to use this workaround to run sn0wbreeze.
iPod Touch 2G 4.x.x restores fail (fix coming soon).
sn0wbreeze v2.9.14 WIN by DaBurner on 14.11.2011
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