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  1. Update Changelog CM7ite HD2 v2.0 Dark Edition : * REBASED! LockScreen : Toggling the flashlight by long pressing the HOME button * frameworks/base : Fixed Proprietary info field skipping in voicemail notification patch (#11318) * frameworks/base : InputMethodManager : prevent Sym key from displaying the IME picker * frameworks/base : stagefright : common omx debug flag (disabled) * NEW! frameworks/base : Added more supported carriers : "Fixed: missing new voicemail notification" * Settings : Added option to choose overscroll color * Settings : Added option to disable volume key beep sounds * Settings : Added option to hide pattern unlock error * Settings : Added option to mute media when silent mode is toggled * Settings : Added option to enable/disable the ICS rotation animation * ADWLauncher : Added sortable apps list for catalog setup * ADWLauncher : Added option to lock Action Buttons in main dock * Bluetooth : Always follow the user's preferred contact display name format when syncing the phonebook * Camera : Allow focus sound muting * UPDATED! Contacts : Added format number option to dialer * Contacts : Added individual contact call history and show groups yes/no setting on call log * FM : Allow tuner to loop from upper back to lower and lower back to upper (frequency) * Mms : Added a max SMS length option * Music : Added option to start playback when A2DP headset gets connected * Torch : Cleanup * ti_wlan : tiap_loader : define a constant for the ap driver status * ti_wlan : tiap_loader : fix usage, tiap_cu too * bootmenu : Add 2nd-system profile for dual boot * dalvik : Basic KSM Support (WIP) * bionic : memcmp : prefetch optimizing for ARM * fastboot : set the language local string * cm : Prepare for 7.2.0-RC1 /* EXTRA CHERRIES */ * Added Ice Cream Sammich fonts * MIUI-like Battery Bar w/ Custom colors by @Spitemare - the above is from the changelog of the Euroskank Bravo Rom this rom is based on.. I fill this up with HD2 specifics later... Enjoy Changelog Initial Release : - Replaced ADW launcher for modified AOSP Stock Launcher. (get your favourite launcher of the market) - Tweaked build.prop and cpu voltage - Added old market and some Google stuff which can't be downloaded of the market - Updated Superuser - Added latest spiritfm radio - Moved filemanager & dsp manager to /data (can be removed) - Removed dictionaries from the keyboard to safe space - Removed lots of wallpapers/ringtones and other useless bloat - Compressed and optimised all framework files and system apps - Odexed all framework & system files for more data space and speed - Added PropModder to set DPI and some other nice tweaks (can be removed) - Added & replaced non battery draining email.apk and mms.apk without the blurry pictures - Added Redux2 camera.apk, because the included one was crashing while changing front/back. - Changed some icons just for kicks and fun Quelle und Download: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1395049 Have Fun DevMonkey
  2. UPDATE Changelog IceCreamTosti v0.10 AOKP build M4 : - Updated to AOKP build Milestone 4 with the following changes : -------------------------------------------------------------- - Weather panel updates (sethyx, Zaph, tgwaste, and many more!) - new more compact layout that fits at the top of your screen - ability to hide it in your statusbar - Added statusbar transparency (rob43) - Added alternate notification drawer layout (toggles/date on bottom instead of top) - Added day of the week before clock style option (rob43) - Signal text reading improvements (Zaph) - Added option to show lockscreen before secure unlock - Simplified nav bar hide/show code => should be working on all devices properly -------------------------------------------------------------- - Removed the use of /data folder (everything in /system now) - Removed Music2 and Voicesearch (download of the market) - Added/replaced default Music app and added Simtoolkit app from Tytung cm9 1.4 rom. - Weather settings in Rom Control can still force close RC to avoid this set Google location > ON.. (you can disable it after setting it up) - Updated Apex Launcher to beta 0.8 - The above changes need an increased system partition to 120mb - Since all system apps are on /system partition now I recommend a clean install - probably more changes... Enjoy ! Quelle und Download: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1441462 Have Fun DevMonkey
  3. Wird das HTC One X in Deutschland auch mit LTE ausgeliefert?

    ja ach ne lte handys gibt es nicht in deutschland ....das weiss doch jeder .....war nur spass *lach* nehmt es mir nicht übel aber ich konnte nicht anders
  4. Wird das HTC One X in Deutschland auch mit LTE ausgeliefert?

    Ja wird es ) kann man sogar schon vorbestellen Quelle: Htc Inside
  5. MeDroidMOD Remix 1.3.2 ics 4.0.3

    MeDroidMod Remix ICS 4.0.3 Build v1.3.2a (22-02-2012) This rom is based on ice cream sandwich android 4.0.3, this rom is aosap and tries to incorporate the best mods of android opensource community, including own mods, CM9 mods, CNA mods, and other mods from roms from other terminals that are not available for the nexus one, eg roms from the galaxy nexus. thanks and credits to all these great opensource communities, and of course texasice, rapmv78 and evervolv team. this rom is work that we have been performing together timbit123 and me (samuaz) interfaz Features: - aosap android ics 4.0.3 - lastesd gapps - ia2sd script for a2sd+ (ext partition its needed) - multiple mods like: * miui battery bar * % battery * circle battery * icon +% battery * hide clock * icon only and % only customizables with custom colors chooser - notifications widgets, wifi, screen, bluetooth,apn etc - custom clock settings: * center clock * hide clock * color clock * am/pm styles - lockscreen: * menu unlock * quick pin unlock * volume buttons wake * volume music controls on lock screen * trackball wake (option for disable and enable for convenience coming soon) Lock screen styles: * custom acces to apps in lockscreen * centered lockscreen * custom lockscreen formats and targets and custom sms app for direct acces - automatic backlight settings - rotation and crt off animation and 180 degree rotation, (option for enable and disable 90, 270, degree rotation coming soon) - pulse notification options * custom notification led color and duration - custom carrier label - laucher settings: * at this moment the same than trebuchet launcher - long kill app - adb overthe air - improved general speed, caches, dalvik, scrollings off the interface - improved speed of MedroidLauncher now more faster - reorganized medroid settings and added new features like: +quiet hours from cm + power menu customization + Horizontal task manager like web os style + add option to for disable and enable rotations angles, 90, 180, 270 degrees + new look screen features: wait to lockscreen, lock screen Battery porcent, enable torch pressing and hold the power button in screen of or lock screen - add custom apn list - fixed USB mount storage - add compache/zram option in memory management - and other minor improvements and general bugfixes Performance settings and features: - start-up tweaks: * zipalign apks on boot * sdcard bost and custom read ahead value * fix permissions on boot * clear cache on boot * sysctl tweaks on boot * schenduled tasks on boot * disable boot animation on boot - procesors speed: - custom cpu, and custom min - max frequency - custom processor voltage (need a kernel with it) - memory management: * custom min free task killer - backup settings and apps works, if you wipe all and reinstall the rom the settings options and apps we will restore But its fast and stable Ich habe die Rom getestet läuft sauber und schnell !!! Mein Fazit: TOP Quelle / Screenshots / Download: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1496152
  6. NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 1.4 ist eine CM9 Remix ROM Version von samuaz's MeDroidMOD Remix !!! Ist aber noch nicht ausgereift sowie auf dem Nexu One !!!! V1.4 (Feb. 20, 2012) ROM is based on samuaz's MeDroidMOD Remix version this time, so that some new features are introduced. Please visit his thread for more info. / >>>> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1496152 Customized for HD2. Included the latest Trebuchet Launcher. Moved FileManager.apk to /data/app/ folder. (You can remove it and add your favorite file manager into /data/app/ folder in the ROM before flashing it.) File framework-res.apk is changed: Flash framework-res-apk_v403cm9_v1.4_with_softkeys.zip if you want the virtual soft keys. (To fix the overlay of the softkeys and the keyboard, install ICS keyboard from the Market or get the apk here.) Flash framework-res-apk_v403cm9_v1.4_without_softkeys.zip if you DON'T want the virtual soft keys (default in this ROM). Included marco.palumbi's VPN fix for ICS running an old kernel (Credits to marco.palumbi) Removed Google+ (PlusOne.apk) to save system space. Please install the latest version from the Market if required. Updated to Google Maps v6.3.0. Updated apns-conf.xml. Required only 165 MB system partition. Quelle & Download: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1434860
  7. Suche passendes Smartphone ~200€

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 das hat Software fehler ohne Ende, mein Arbeitskollege hat nur stress mit dem Handy also nicht zuempfehlen. Ich habe ein nagelneues Desire-S zuhause liegen musst halt nur den Simlock entfernen. Könnte ich dir verkaufen wenn du möchtest. Es hat eine 5 Megapixel Kamera Bei Interesse einfach Pm an mich lg
  8. ich verstehe nicht wieso die devs nicht mehr die original buttons von cm nehmen. vielleicht kann mich ja mal jemand aufklären ?? Es gibt doch nichts schöneres wie das original cyanogen
  9. This kernel is based on the HTC Desire kernel source code ported by warrenb213 and me with help from Markinus' CyanogenMod kernel source. This kernel is only for Sense builds and shouldn't be used on any CyanogenMod, AOSP or MIUI builds. Features: Default CPU governor: ondemand Default CPU speed: 245 MHz - 998 MHz Available CPU speeds: 96 MHz - 1536 MHz (if speeds above 1190 MHz are not stable for you, stick to lower frequencies) Available CPU governors: interactive, conservative, userspace, powersave, ondemand, performance, smartassV2, Lagfree, Lazy, SavagedZen, scary, smartass, smoothass, superbad, virtuous, interactiveX, ondemandX Default I/O scheduler: Deadline Available I/O schedulers: no-op, deadline, CFQ, BFQ, simple IO G-Sensor freeze fix (Credits: mdebeljuh and jdivic) Wakeup lag fix for AUO panels (Credits: mdebeljuh and jdivic) cLK support Unique Wi-Fi MAC address Unique bluetooth MAC address (Credits: tytung & me) Extended battery support (still needs some testing, I don't have an EB) BFS CPU scheduler ALSA sound drivers Simple IO Scheduler HTC Auto-White Balance Two-way call recording (Credit to avs333, snq-, tytung) add proc file interface /proc/mic_level and fix mic gain (Credits to mdebeljuh and jdivic, tytung) zRam (Credits: me, faux123): Activation script can be found here Working: Data Wifi Bluetooth LED notifications G-Sensor Camera Camcorder Auto-Backlight Headset HTC FM Radio Wifi Hotspot (use 3rd party app) Internet pass-through (phone uses PC's internet -- select via sense USB setting menu, not via normal settings) Not working: Wired Tether HTC Hotspot You tell me DownloadLink und Quelle:http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1385486
  10. Ledertasche fur Nokia X1-01 gesucht

    schau mal bei media markt die haben eigentlich handytaschen für jedes handy )
  11. Handyberatung rel. gute kamera

    Hi, Naja ich würde dir das Htc Hd7 als Windowsphone empfehlen, ist eigentlich garnicht mal so schlecht. HTC HD7 8GB Windows Phone 7 4,3 Zoll Touchscreen 1 GHz Prozessor Ausstattung Gewicht:162 g Größe:68 mm x 122 mm x 11 mm Betriebssystem Version:Windows 7 Benutzeroberfläche:Corning Gorilla Glass Prozessor:Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon Taktrate:1 Ghz Anzahl Kerne:keine Angabe Grafikchip:Adreno 200 Display:LCD-Display Display-Größe:4,3 Zoll Display-Auflösung:480 x 800 Pixel Display-Farben:16 Millionen Touchscreen:ja Tastatur:Bildschirmtastatur Speicher Speicher:8 GB Speicher, erweiterbar:nein Arbeitsspeicher:0,5 GB Kamera Kamera:5,0 MegaPixel Kamera-Auflösung:2592 х 1944 Pixel Frontkamera:nein 3D Kamera:nein Kamera Besonderheiten:Geo-tagging Multimedia Sensoren:Bewegungssensor , Kompass , Näherungssensor , Multimedia:Facebook, Twitter, YouTube client MP3:ja AAC:ja DivX:nein Quicktime:nein Flash:ja Anschlüsse:micro-USB Connectivity SIM-Karte:normale SIM 3,5 mm Audioanschluss:keine Angabe HDMI:keine Angabe USB:Micro-USB USB 2.0 VGA:ja Konnektivität:vielseitig Wi-fi, WLAN:Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n GPS:ja A-GPS:ja Bluetooth:v2.1 mit A2DP NFC:nein UMTS Down:keine Angabe Kbit/s UMTS Up:keine Angabe Kbit/s HSDPA:7,2 Mbit/s HSUPA:2 Mbit/s GPRS:Class 32 EDGE:Class 32 Band-Typ:QuadBand Akku: Akku:1230 mAh Akku-Typ:Li-Ion Akku-Standby Zeit, bis zu::320 h Akku-Sprechzeit, bis zu::5,1 h Sonstiges Erstverkaufstermin ca.:Oktober 2010 Lieferumfang:USB-Kabel , Kopfhörer (Headset) , Handy , Bedienungsanleitung , Akku , Netz-Ladegerät , Netzbetreiber-Branding:kein Branding SIM-Lock:nein Netz-Lock:nein Kostet 258 Euro ohne Vertrag und mit Vertrag 0,00 Euro. Die Monatliche Grundgebühr beträgt bei einem Vertrag 29,90 und läuft 24 Monate. In dem Vertrag enthalten Gratis Telefonie zu Telekom SMS Flatrate Mtl. 120 Freiminuten in alle Netze Internet Flatrate Anbieter Telekom
  12. Handyberatung rel. gute kamera

    für deutschland oder österreich ?
  13. Htc 7 Mozart jailbreaken wichtig

    Jailbreak ist nur für Iphone ...er meint sicher rooten und den bootloader öffnen
  14. Toolkit für android oder wd7 für hd2

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1090783 Bitte das kannste es dir saugen und es funktioniert 100%
  15. HTC HD2 wird von Vista nicht erkannt

    die treiber sollst du deinstallieren vom rechner...ist zwar blödsinn meiner meinung nach aber könnte ja klappen