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Huawei U8800 Ideos X5 - [ICS] Aurora ICS



Aurora ICS 4.04 for u8800

Das Aurora ICS 4.0.4 ist ein AOSP ROM für das Huawei X5 basierend auf der Qualcomm*Code Aurora source. Entwicker des ROM ist dzo, der auch schon die hervorragende Oxygen ROM für das X5 entwickelt hat.






installiertes CWM Recovery: http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/huawei_u8800_ideos_x5_forum/233928-huawei_u8800_ideos_x5_clockworkmod_recovery_installieren.html

offizielles Huawei-Update auf Android 2.3.5 muss installiert sein



1) In den Einstellungen > Apps > Schnellstart deaktivieren

2) ROM als .zip herunterladen und auf die SD Karte speichern

3) Phone ausschalten

4) X5 mit Volume+ + Power Button ins CWM Recovery booten

5) hier dann als erstes "wipe data/factory reset" und anschließend "wipe cache partition" durchführen.

6) zu "install zip from sd card" navigieren und mit der Power Taste auswählen

7) zu "choose zip from sdcard" navigieren und auswählen

8) ROM auswählen und installieren

9) Reboot und Spass mit ICS haben









bearbeitet von freedroid
Screens hinzugefügt


[B]aurora_5.0_update20 [/B](Install from recovery on top of an existing 5.0 installation or any other 5.0 update)

Improve wifi driver

add entropy fix

[B]aurora_5.0_update18[/B] (Install from recovery on top of an existing 5.0 installation or any other 5.0 update)

- Fix 1080p showing up in my Camera App.

- Fix wifi memory allocation problem.

- Fix button backlight again

[B]aurora_5.0_update14 (Install from recovery on top of an existing 5.0 installation or any other 5.0 update)[/B]

- Fix button backlight

- Fix bluetooth pairing

[B]aurora_5.0_update11 (Install from recovery on top of an existing 5.0 installation or any other 5.0 update)[/B]

-Fix camera chroma in portrait mode

-Fix unforgettable wifi

-Fix atmel haptic feedback

-Fix button brightness after closing camera

[B]aurora_5.0_update9 (Install from recovery on top of an existing 5.0 installation or any other 5.0 update)[/B]


[*]Fix audio after sound recording

[*]Fix atmel ts

[*]Add ram console and panic dumper

[*]kgsl changes suggested by PaulMilbank, thanks Paul

[*]Fix memory allocation for wifi

[*]Fix wifi hardware crashing not recovering correctly

[*]Enable runtime power management


[B]Changelog Aurora_5.0_update2 (Install from recovery on top of an existing 5.0 installation)[/B]


[*]Update for atmel ts (still not great)

[*]Fix USB mass storage

[*]Fix wifi driver not loading/unloading if memory is fragmented

[*]Allow scene mode when recording videos

[*]Fix date on pics


[B]Changelog Aurora v5 (experimental)[/B]


[*]New kernel based on the u8800pro source

[*]Updated camera HAL and libs, zoom bug and green lines on thumbnails are gone

[*]Enable continuous focus for video recording


[B]Changelog Aurora_4.1 update1[/B] (Install from recovery on top of an existing 4.1 installation)


[*]Fix gallery crash

[*]Fix overlay (uses less power when playing videos)

[*]Disable continuous focus for video recording

[*]Enable brightness control using volup/down buttons in camera


[B]Changelog Aurora v4.1[/B]

-update to new CAF release M7630AABBQMLZA4040325I on ics_chocolate_rb7.2 (lots of -changes)

-Fix voip apps not working (not well tested and may be buggy)

-Fix for missed call led notification

-Update video encode/decode driver

-Update rotator hardware (this does hardware rotation of video and wasn't being used before)

-New proprietary binaries

[B]Changelog Aurora v4.0 [/B]

-update to new CAF release M7630AABBQMLZA404032I

-This is on a new release branch - ics_chocolate_rb7.1

[B]Changelog Aurora v3.1 Update 1-5 [/B]

-Fix wifi not connecting on boot

-This may also fix some (but probably not all) wifi disconnection problems

-Add battery percentage option in settings..development

-Fix bluetooth pairing.

-Fix searching for available networks.

-Add "strip unicode" and timestamp options for SMS (thanks to mrasquinho)

-Fix for bluetooth not sleeping correctly

-Some updated translations in settings (thanks to mrasquinho and one-2-z)

-A possible fix for wifi crashing on wakeup

-Fix for a rpc wakelock never being released sometimes

-Fix Gallery causing reboot

-Fix laggy transitions on some devices

-Update Mms translations by mrasquinho

[B]Changelog Aurora v3.1 [/B]

-Fix Pinyin Keyboard

-Use small wifi driver again

-Use version 2.0 wpa_supplicant. (this may cause problems with some APs but I think it's better to use this than version 0.8 because the rest of the system is designed for it). If it doesn't connect to an AP, post a log giving all the details and I'll try to fix it.

-Add /HWuserdata as a symlink to the internal sdcard

-Use settings..storage..menu..USB Computer Connection to switch between usb storage and MTP mode (some people have reported lost data on the card when doing this, you have been warned). MTP mode is probably what most people want.

-Fix battery reporting for the backlight.

-Reduce flashlight LED brightness. 

-set modprobe path correctly so modules will load

-Updated network drivers

-Update to latest sd card, fb and kgsl drivers.

-Add SmartassV2 governor

-Fix to allow Light Flow to control notification LED

[B]Changelog Aurora v3.0 beta2 update2 [/B]

-more reliable wifi driver

-Settings to allow switch between MTP and mass storage mode:

-Use settings..storage..menu..USB Computer Connection

-The second option will enable Mass Storage (for languages other than English, this will be displayed as PTP mode)

[B]Changelog Aurora v3.0 beta2 update1a,b [/B]

-Apply the patches described here: http://epiccm.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03...dia-issue.html

-Increase the panel frame rate to 53fps - thanks to zephyr1988

-Add smartass2 (not default) - also thanks to zephyr1988

-Remove the panel modification patch because it doesn't seem to work on some hardware

-fix kernel config

(Install from recovery on top of an existing 3.0_beta2 installation)

[B]Changelog Aurora v3.0 beta2[/B]

-Update to new CAF release M7630AABBQMLZA404031I

-New LED driver (only does the same notifications as before but is much more programmable)

-Use older kgsl driver (possibly more stable)

-Revert to older version of the ril because some people had problems with mobile data

-Use older wpa_supplicant to fix wifi connection problems

-Use the new kgsl driver again since the old one didn't seem to fix anything

-Remove the software opengl lib from egl.cfg

-Remove qualcomm's media parser from the media scanner, this may help with media scanning problems.

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.11a Update1[/B]

-Install from recovery on top of an existing 2.11a installation

-Fix volume button breakage (for real this time)

-Fix native wifi tethering

-Set default min/max cpu frequency to 122MHz/800MHz, this saves some battery and you can always change it with setcpu.

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.11:[/B]

-Possible fix for volume button failure

-Revert to the larger wifi driver

-Increase minimum free memory available

-Increase echo cancelling microphone level in calls

-Update kernel GPU driver to latest version

-Fix wifi not always resuming from suspend correctly

-Fix noise on non-echo cancelling microphone

-Update to latest proprietary GPU libraries

-Fix notification of an incoming call during a call (Again!)

-Update to latest google apps, google music and es file explorer

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.10:[/B]

- Update ril proprietary libs

- Enable HSDPA symbol

- Fix button lights with manual brightness

- Fix time lapse video recording (720p only)

- First try at getting native wifi tethering working (turns on but doesn't work)

- Increase surfaceflinger pmem size

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.09:[/B]

- fix sd card not mounting if wifi is initially off

- add haptic feedback for atmel touchscreens

- fix bluetooth not pairing

- make wifi module much smaller (from 2M to 800K)

- update root filesystem and rc files

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.08:[/B]

- Fix SD card detection using a gpio interrupt

- Free 33M ram by reducing the size of the surfaceflinger cache and the camera record buffer

- Fix a couple of memory leaks in the wifi module

- Fix notification of an incoming call during a call

- Switch back to version 0.8 of wpa_supplicant (should help with wifi connection problems)

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.07:[/B]

- Update to latest tagged release for msm7x30 (M7630AABBQMLZA4040305I)

- Change touchscreen mode to avoid jitter

- Update some proprietary binaries

- Fix failure to send vreg rpc to the modem from causing battery drain sometimes

- Wifi fix for occasional reboots

In /system/etc/firmware/wlan/qcom_cfg.ini I have set gMaxPsPoll=1 because without this wifi doesn't stay connected during sleep. Some people claim this gives problems when connecting to certain APs but I have never seen this.

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.06:[/B]

- Update to latest ics_chocolate (caf_AU_LINUX_ANDROID_ICS_CHOCOLATE. 9 manifest)

This is Android version 4.0.4 so there are lots of changes from 4.0.3 and that is why it's experimental.

- Fix camera picture corruption (camera may still not be completely stable)

- Fix wifi not seeing some APs

- Fix some causes of wifi reboots.

Warning: Since this is a new Android version you may not be able to downgrade without clearing data so make a backup first.

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.05:[/B]

- Update to kernel version 3.0.8 (ported from u8860 with lots of work), this may be less stable than earlier versions.

Only the new wifi driver will work, the settings app still shows a choice but changing it won't do anything.

- New wifi config file (thanks to sbasil).

- Fix the date in exif tags for photos.

- Fix button backlight, now has autobrightness too.

- Fix photo editor crashing.

- Use CAF radio app (has a horrible interface but the old one no longer works). Supports rds.

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.04:[/B]

- Update to M7630AABBQMLZA404030I release

- Fix torch in Notification drawer and add torch app

- Add new wifi driver, enable it from Settings..Developer Options

- The new driver uses much less power and stays connected when the phone is asleep but doesn't work with WEP networks and may be more buggy.

- Update GPU drivers to the binaries that were released by Qualcomm.

- Enable gpu composition, 2D is slower but some apps work better.

- Change Bluetooth power level to 2. May help BT connection problems.

- Saunalahti users note that the SIM loading hack has changed - see the installation instructions.

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.02:[/B]

- Notification drawer widget and settings (some things don't work yet)

- Fix to stop wifi disconnecting when the device sleeps

- Kernel dumps a log to /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 on a panic (kernel crash)

- Change default I/O scheduler to no-op

- Disable some GPIOs that were unnecessarily enabled (may save some power)

- Update FM radio

[B]Changelog Aurora v2.0:[/B]

- Add camera library from latest official gb (seems to focus better)

- Update bootlogo

- Reorganise camera ui so flash menu is visible

- Remove 480p from camcorder menu (use wvga instead)

- Enable panorama mode for camera (pan slowly with the phone held horizontally)

- Fix Pinyin IME (Chinese input)

- Update market and music apps to Google Play versions

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.14:[/B]

- Fix FM Radio

- Possible fix for audio volume problems after a notification or call

- Some updates for graphics composition

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.13:[/B]

- Use the 2d graphics core for composition - should make graphics faster and use less power (set debug.composition.type=gpu in build.prop if you don't like it)

- Update power profile so battery stats work better

- Some gps changes (not tested well)

- Remove some unused resources to reduce the size of /system

- Add a system property to override the wifi mac address - use su; setprop persist.sys.wifimac mac_param=11:22:33:44:55:66

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.12a:[/B]

- Update to M7630AABBQMLZA4040296I release - fairly big change so this may introduce new bugs

- Use version 0.8 of wpa_supplicant with wext library (should help with wifi connection problems)

- Fix atmel touchscreen

- Add settings for dualmic and headset to settings app (in Sound) - property names had to change so you will need to set them again.

- Fix 720p video recording

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.11:[/B]

- Fix FM radio

- Add another fix for Saunalahti

- Update all proprietary libs to newer versions

- Free up some more memory (camera was being very greedy)

- Add headsetmic and dualmic properties

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.10:[/B]

- Fix battery stats not showing (needs more power data to be useful)

- Add ability to skip loading some records from the SIM card (for Finland)

- Fix compass

- Remove some frequencies from cpufreq table (might help with battery life)

- Change wifi scan rate from 15 to 60 seconds

- Add latest google apps (should let navigation work better)

- Free up a bit of spare memory from the kernel

- Add FM radio - (thanks to honking)

- Replace ringtones and notifications with those from Nexus S

- Add simple boot logo (sorry, the full animated logo didn't fit)

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.9:[/B]

- Change speaker acoustic profile - hopefully this will fix audio problems

- Change sensitivity of synaptics touchscreen

- put aurora version in build number

- change phone name, model and manufacturer to the correct values

- fix strictmode not turning off (may need a reboot)

- fix raw picture mode for camera (not very useful)

- set build type to user rather than eng

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.8a:[/B]

- Fix video recorder crash

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.8:[/B]

- Fix music not skipping to next track. This was a kernel audio problem and fixing it has

- fixed some other problems. e.g. with some games pausing while trying to play audio.

- Fix picture rotation for the camera.

- Add smartass2 cpufreq governor, I don't care about this but somebody asked for it.

- Change some values in /system/etc/gps.conf - don't know if this will help.

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.7:[/B]

- Update to M7630AABBQMLZA4040295I release

- Fix camera crashes

- Fix barcode apps not working

- Include ES file explorer

- Fix for echo on speakerphone (not well tested)

- Use handset mike when headset is plugged in (not tested)

- Reduce brightness of keypad led

- Fix wifi not always connecting automatically

- Turn off bluetooth completely when not in use

- Extra CPU frequencies (thanks godofdream)

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.6:[/B]

- Fix a bug that caused the gpu to sometimes crash when the display was switched off.

- Enable autobrightness (don't think it actually works yet though)

- Flash led for notifications - fast flash means phone is awake, slow flash means phone is power collapsed (in deep sleep)

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.5:[/B]

- Fix video recording

If you switch away from the cam when it's in video mode (e.g. to view a video), it will crash when you return to it.*This doesn't affect the functionality but is annoying.It does full 720p h264 with audio.

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.4:[/B]

- Fix low resolution icons

- Fix Mobile Networks menu when language is not US English

- Update kernel GPU driver to latest version

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.3:[/B]

- Working camera (no video yet)

- fix for SD card not being recognised and getting corrupted

- change to the rpc ril instead of the qmi ril

- There are still random crashes but I think they are caused by the GPU failing when the device suspends if you don't use live wallpapers that may help.

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.2:[/B]

- fix for bootloop when audioflinger doesn't start sometimes

- enable usb mass storage

- mount internal emmc as /mnt/sdcard1

- build with all languages

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.1:[/B]

- fix low in call volume

- fix bootloop on enabling cell location

- fix light and proximity sensors

- fix home key on amtel touchscreens

- enable mtp mode for data transfer

[B]Changelog Aurora v1.0:[/B]

- initial release

[B]Bekannte Bugs:[/B]

- camera not functional [I](teilweise behoben v1.3; komplett behoben v1.5)[/I]

- low in call volume [I](behoben in v1.1)[/I]

- sound recording is quiet and distorted

- wifi doesn't always connect automatically

- notification led doesn't flash

bearbeitet von freedroid

Update auf Aurora v2.09 erschienen!

bearbeitet von freedroid

Update auf Aurora v2.10 erschienen!

Update auf Aurora v2.11 erschienen!

Update auf Aurora v2.11a Update 1 erschienen!

Größeres Update hebt AuroraICS auf v3.0 beta2!

Update AuroraICS auf v3.0 beta2 update 2

Update AuroraICS v3.1 erschienen

Update AuroraICS v3.1 Update 1-5

Update AuroraICS v4.0

Update AuroraICS v4.1

Changelog im 2ten Post. Der Download wie immer im ersten ;)

Update AuroraICS v4.1 Update1

Changelog im 2ten Post. Der Download wie immer im ersten ;)

wenn ich die 4.1 installieren will kommt da nur: Can´t open /sdcard/aurora_4.1.zip (bad)

was mach ich nur falsch?

Hast du denn das CWM Recovery drauf?

jap, alles nach anleitung. hab es jetzt auch zum laufen bekommen, und zwar war in dem originall thread vom elora mod ist ne etwas andere anleitung zum formattieren. damit ging es nun auch mit dem aurora

Update auf Aurora v5 (experimental) erschienen!

Diese Version ist vom Entwickler als "experimental" eingestuft, da es auf den neuen Sourcen des u8800pro basiert.

Update auf Aurora v5 Update2 erschienen!

Dies ist keine Vollversion. Diese muss auf eine bestehende v5 installiert werden.

Update auf Aurora v5 Update9 erschienen!

Dies ist keine Vollversion. Diese muss auf eine bestehende v5 installiert werden.

Update auf Aurora v5 Update11 erschienen!

Dies ist keine Vollversion. Diese muss auf eine bestehende v5 installiert werden.

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