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Aurora Kernel | Synapse | OC | FauxSound | PowerSuspend | FastCharge

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Aurora Kernel - N900xxx TW

Synapse / OC / Freq-Control / Voltage / IntelliPlug / IntelliThermal / FauxSound / PowerSuspend / UKSM / ZSWAP / TouchWake / FastCharge / Screen / FileSystems / Governors / Schedulers

>>> XDA <<<

Dieser Kernel ist optimiert für lange Akkulaufzeiten bei Erhaltung best möglicher Performance

Basierend auf der neusten NE6 source

Linux 3.4.93 Update

Optimimierter Cortex-A15 4.10 LINARO Toolchain

Schau in die Features für mehr Details


- based on newest NE6 sources

- Linux upstream patches to 3.4.93

- SELINUX permissive

- Synapse support

- init.d support

- OC up to 2.8GHZ

- GPU OC from Snapdragon 801 (up to 587MHz)

- complete dts based kernels Voltage control by faux123

- IntelliPlug driver (for mpdecision replacement) by faux123

- IntelliThermal control driver (better than stock thermal control) by faux123

- Hardlimit CPU control interface by yank555:

- TouchWake by yank555

- PowerSuspend driver by yank555 with default set to hybrid-mode (autosleep and panel hook)

- FauxSound


- FastCharge Support

- LED Control

- mdnie Control by wootever

- Many governors: nightmare, dancedance, intelliactive, intellidemand, uberdemand, wheatley, smartmax, smartmax_eps, lionheart, pegasusq, darkness, hyper, badass, abyssplugv2, adaptive, conservative, ondemand, userpsace, powersave, interactive, performance

- More schedulers: noop, deadline, row, cfg, bfq, fiops, sio, zen

- enabled all TCP congestion controls: veno, westwood, cubic, reno, bic, highspeed, hybla, htcp, vegas, scalable, lp, yeah, illinois

- TCP congestion control default to veno

- new ARMv7 l2 cache

- Filesystem support: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, FAT32, NTFS, USB OTG, exFAT with many fixes and optimizations (AIO, etc...)

- added multiple compression support for example LZ4, many patches

- F2FS support

- faster glibc

- frandom

- faster crypto libs

- Kernel XZ

- Ramdisk LZ4

- many fixes, updates, patches and enhancements from many sources

- many I already forgot


>>> Aurora <<<

>>> Mirror - Dev-Host.com <<<

Credits und Danksagungen:

Much thanks to faux123 and yank555 for their great kernel

thanks to wootever for having always nice and useful commits

thanks to Imoseyon for having always nice and useful commits, too

thanks to civato for helping me starting here with studying his code

thanks to Myfluxi, labodj and Cl3Kener for commits

thanks to UpInTheAir for all his work with his Synapse interface

thanks to GuneetAtwal for some single picks

thanks to franciscofranco, zamcum, ZaneZam, CM-team, Codeaurora, ... and everyone else I forgot!

Beachtet bitte das weder www.Handy-Faq.de oder ich, eine Garantie für die Anleitung übernehmen und wir haften auch nicht für eventuelle Schäden an eurem Gerät. Alles was ihr hier macht geschieht auf eure eigene Gefahr und Verantwortung hin.

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R11 (aka Synapse release) 


Due to heave Synapse changes again, I recommend to clear Synapse data, before you flash

If you feel unsnappy, raise Touchboost values, completely set both down to 300MHz at init

Synapse settings added & reworked (spent whole day into Synapse primarily)

Synapse can now make a flashable zip from your backup profile to share with others (look under tab Synapse)

Removed some sound pre-settings and removed FauxSound control for now to prevent still unknown issues

a few more fixes

R10 (beta)


I recommend to clear Synapse data!!!

Synapse should now have enough options for daily settings

So please dont mix apps for setting kernel features

Synapse settings added (very hard work.....half day wasted here...)

S-Browser crash fixed on S5 ports

Sound issues fixed and quality should be improved

completely switched to UKSM now

a few more fixes and patches from different sources again


Please dont complain about voltage control in Synapse

If you want to experiment with voltages, you can set them one by one yourself

R9 (beta)

NOTICE: this will break some of Faux Control App functions, especially frequency setting, until Faux updates

If you dont want to run a beta, stick with R8 until stable release

There is currently not voltage, thermal, screen, zswap control in Synapse!

update to Linux 3.4.92

Synapse is back (but not everything is implemented), check yourself, big thanks to UpInTheAir, which made a very detailed Synapse layout, which I used as base

Hardlimit Interface update to 2.0a, you can now set screen on and screen off max/min frequencies separately, wakeup kicks, touchboosts, DVFS lock... check Synapse

GPU OC with Snapdragon 801 values (up to 587MHz)

Ramdisk is now LZ4 compressed (need to check kernel for LZ4, too)

Led Control updated to V1.2

IntelliPlug updated to newest version

Logger can be enabled/disabled through sysfs interface

many fixes and patches from different sources again


finally working NE6 base with all known features


updates base to NE6

same as R6


switched to faux123-yank555 kernel as new base

over 300 commits added, patches, fixes, enhancements, etc...

see features 


lower power frequency 268,8MHz should work now as expected

lowered voltage for 268,8MHz (its really low, report if unstable)

new govs: lagfree and smartassv2, both tuned

updated and optimized fiops scheduler (which I recommend for internal)

optimized BFQ scheduler (which I recommend for external...)

linux update to 3.4.91

CIFS support (experimental)

enabled ksm (experimental)

swap support

updated toolchain to Linaro 4.9.1 05/2014

LZ4/LZO updates

some sound patches

many arm patches

some memory patches

more I forgot ...


more fixes and enhancements

more govs: intelliactive, abyssplugv2, conservativex, adaptive

Dynamic FSYNC is back

permanent async FSYNC from HTC

PowerSuspend updates: hooked to AutoSleep and Panel, first sleep hook wins

experimental low power frequence

zen scheduler added

few more things


over 60 fixes, patches and enhancements since r2


crypto optimizations

faster glibc

very fast random generation (10-50 times faster)

gpu patches

linux update

many more


over 50 fixes, patches and enhancements at all from beta

support for N900T

updated busybox (problems fixed)

updated ramdisk

mpdecision improved (also recommend Intelli Hotplug)

more compiler improvements

scheduler patches

dynamic fsync disabled (more later)

cpu patches for msm

enabled last kernel message

many more


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Gibt's den auch für das S5 ? I

bearbeitet von Jakkomo77

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