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Cro Cop

Find 7/7a ColorOS V2.1.3i Stable Version

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Cro Cop

Neue Version ist draußen ...

Change Log

Updated the system strings and fixed some translation glitches ---- Padre, El porcharo, magicseeker, LUCHO, silasje1, ale8530
Fixed the issue that encrypted apps in task manager interface shows Chinese characters ---- Ani6, jach0o
Fixed the issue that there is two GPS icons shown in status bar ---- Francko76
Fixed the issue that there is no driver installer when connected with PC ---- Natherul
Fixed the issue that alarm created by OK Google will not ring at the set time ---- Natherul
Fixed the issue that Nuplayer cannot be used ---- silasje1
Fixed the issue that some notifications are not displayed fully ---- El porcharo
Fixed the issue that when editing screenshot using the Rectangle tool it shows glitches ---- El porcharo
Fixed the issue that when using ChromeCast the SystemUI may crash ---- Aymen
Fixed the issue that when pull down the notification center in lockscreen interface swiftly the notification icons in status bar will disappear
Fixed the stagefright security leak, by adding google's patch to ensure your data safety


Fixed the issue that when receiving a call the number location shows Chinese ---- Mimilicious
Fixed the issue that text input in USSD code interface are white which is unreadable ---- Arvin
Fixed the issue that info in call log  details are not displayed properly ---- Padre
Fxied the issue that missed call popup text are not shown properly ---- El Porcharo

Fixed the issue that Danish MMS still cannot be sent/received ---- puma99dk|, Jacob_DK

Fixed the issue that music info may get lost after reboot ---- Padre
Fixed the issue that music player cannot remember favorite music ---- krazy, luckywang
Fixed the issue that Italian music ID3 info shows Chinese characters, you can now avoid this by changing the region to Italian ---- savvakos
Fixed the issue that Music player unable to view Swedish letters (ö ä å), you can now change the region to Sweden ---- Natherul

Fixed the issue that widget text on lockscreen are not clear enough to read---- Mimilicious

Fixed the issue that there is a year behind the year 2015 in Calendar interface ---- Kim Miene
Fixed the issue that OPPO Calendar will automatically change the time zone to GMT+8 which make all the events starts too early ---- silasje1

Fixed the issue that some alarm names are not displayed fully when there is enough space left ---- El porcharo

Fixed the issue that when lock the screen in weather interface and unlock the weather interface become black for a while

[Security Center]
Fixed the issue that power saving settings are not save after it's turned off ---- benoita74, Z3RO
Fixed the issue that virus scanner appear when some apps are installed ---- krazy, Bedsurfer, andrea9293

Added eye protection mode in Settings -> Display ---- Jempol
Added air gesture in Settings -> Gesture & motion ---- TGPATEL
Fixed the issue that Wi-Fi hotspot is not working under some carriers’ network ---- marker

Fixed the issue that Settings > Gesture & motion > Screen-off gesture > Add a screen-off gesture > choose a gesture > Open an app > the list is still sorted randomly instead of alphabetically ---- El Porcharo

Known Issue


Full wipe Package:
Filename: X9006&X9076ColorOS_V2.1.3i_full.zip
File size: 976MB
MD5: F2EB74D3EF1EE038521639FFC848E3D5

Download: https://bit.ly/ColorOS_2_1_3i
This full package will wipe user data, please backup your data (you can use the Backup & restore app) before updating. Data on you phone storage such as movies and photos will not be affected.


bearbeitet von Cro Cop

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Wenn ich richtig informiert bin, hat die Version doch noch etliche Bugs.

Werde sie deshalb mal noch nicht installieren.

Es sei denn jemand von euch kann etwas Positives berichten.B)


gruß männje

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