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Nexus 4 - Mahdi-ROM [Android 4.4.4] [v2.7] [20.06.2014]

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Mahdi-Rom für das Nexus 4




-DSP Manager

-Ascending ringtone

-Quiet hours

-Less frequent notification sounds

-Control volume adjust sound

-Launch music app on headset connect

-Control safe headset volume

-Power connect notification control

-Apollo as Default Music App


-Advanced auto brightness control

-Full rotation control including lockscreen

-Screen record with audio

-Notification LED Control

-Battery LED Control

-Wake up device on plugin/unplug


-Variable size pattern unlock

-Pin keypad shuffler

-Lock before unlock

-Privacy guard


[B]Languages & input[/B]

-Auto keyboard rotation

-Disable fullscreen keyboard

-Selector notification

-Volume key cursor control

[B]Developer options[/B]

-Advanced reboot

-ADB over network

-Development shortcut in recent apps list

-Show cpu info

-Change device hostname

[B][U]Customization menu[/U][/B]

[B]Theme chooser[/B]

-CM's theme chooser

[B]Status bar settings[/B]

-Clock and date customisation

-Battery customisation

-Network speed indicator

-Statusbar brightness control

-Double tap statusbar to sleep

[B]Quick settings[/B]

-Full quick settings control

-Color settings

[B]Notification panel[/B]


-CM's ribbons

-Hide carrier lable

[B]Recents panel[/B]

-Clear all button options

-Circular memory indicator

[B]Buttons control[/B]

-Navbar & navring settings

-Power menu settings

-Lock screen settings

-Volume rocker wake

-Volume music control

-Volume adjust preference

[B]Power menu[/B]

-Profile switcher

-Immersive mode


-Screen record

[B]Lock screen[/B]

-Lock Screen Notifications (Replaces Active Display)

-Targets customisation

-Battery level on lock ring

-Maximize widgets option

[B]App sidebar[/B]

4184_trennungslinie.pngMein Erfahrungsbericht: Die ROM ist sehr gut! Sie läuft stabil, und hat sehr viele Features. Leider sind alle Features und Tweaks auf Englisch, deswegen versteht man manchmal nicht, was gemeint ist. Das ist aber nicht so dramatisch. Bei der ROM kann man wirklich fast alles ändern. Im XDA Thread wird von vielen FCs (Force Closes) berichtet, dass kann ich nicht bestätigen. Die Akkulaufzeit ist gut, aber nicht sehr gut. Man hält einen Tag aber l ocker durch. Hier meine Akkulaufzeiten mit der ROM und dem Hells-Core Kernel mit OTG Mod und Swipe to Sleep/Wake bzw. Double Tap to Wake 12995_akkulaufzeit_mahdi_rom_nexus_4.png12996_akkulaufzeit_mahdi_rom_nexus_4.pngFazit: Die ROM ist sehr zu empfehlen! 4184_trennungslinie.pngDownload: Anmerkung: Downloadet euch bitte immer die neuste Version. Download Mahdi-Rom Download GApps 4184_trennungslinie.pngInstallation: Der Bootloader eures Nexus 4 muss entsperrt sein und ihr müsst ein alternatives Recovery (CWM/TWRP) haben! Wenn ihr die ROM neu installiert 1. ROM und Gapps auf euer Nexus 4 kopieren 2. In euer Recovery booten 3. Wipe Data, Wipe Cache und Wipe Dalvik Cache 4. Install Zip -> ROM.zip 5. warten bis die Installation fertig ist 6. Install Zip -> GAPPS.zip 7. warten bis die Installation fertig ist 8. Wipe Data, Wipe Cache und Wipe Dalvik Cache 9. Reboot system now Wenn ihr die ROM schon habt, und nur ein Update/Fix installiert 1. Update/Fix auf euer Nexus 4 kopieren 2. In euer Recovery booten 3. Wipe Cache und Wipe Dalvik Cache 4. Install Zip -> Update.zip oder Fix.zip 5. warten bis die Installation fertig ist 6. Wipe Cache und Wipe Dalvik Cache 7. Reboot system now 4184_trennungslinie.pngChangelog:

-Merged Android 4.4.4 (Security update)

-Theme chooser: upstream fixes/updates from CM

-Added Lockscreen blur

-Quicksettings: added option to show smaller tiles (removed old options for 4/5 tiles)

-Added options for notification-shade-collapse-after-dismiss behaviour

-Added "Turn WiFi off" action to "Open networks" notification

-Hover: options to exclude non-clearable, low priority and topmost app

-Fixed VPN

-Fixed SystemUI battery drain

-Tanslation updates thanks to @c@p, @seilogeo, @toyr99, @Pixelase and @senses!

-Read the detailed changelog for more info

*BUG: On first boot the wallpaper will be black on the lockscreen, after that everything will be normal.


-Theme chooser: upstream fixes from CM

-Added Hover and floating mode from AOPSA

-PEEK: Sensors improvements

-Added option to reset battery stats

-Recents clear all: dont kill the current app

-Reverted all ui theme changes (back to stock google colors)

-Mms: Added back smiley support

-Added Protected apps from CM (read commit message for more info https://github.com/Mahdi-Rom/android_packages_apps_Settings/commit/acdcc6342da66de998944e2674e666f55c3542f5)

-Trebuchet: GEL Integration (read commit message for more info https://github.com/Mahdi-Rom/android_packages_apps_Trebuchet/commit/44d180199b36f1ff17edbc7c0c68c0a0298f78f4)

-Tanslation updates thanks to @c@p, @toyr99, @Pixelase and @senses!

-Read the detailed changelog for more info


-Theme chooser: Lots of fixes including dialer and certain themes like flux

-Updated Compass tile

-Added back Progress bar customization and Volume steps

-Added a patchset from CM which reduces cookie tracking

-Removed contextual notification header and statusbar clock color option

-Removed InCall tranparency and Answer Via Speakerphone options

-Dialer: added back trds, call stats and fixed theming issues

-Trebuchet: merged with CM

-LockClock: merged with CM, includes a fix for high gps usage

-Lots of tanslation updates thanks to @c@p, @seilogeo, @toyr99, @Pixelase and @senses!

-Read the detailed changelog for more info

*Make sure to revert to stock theme before flashing and reinstall your themes after flashing


-Merged Android 4.4.3

-Theme chooser fixes from CM

-Option to show seconds in status bar clock

-Removed Progress bar animation and disable immersive mode in lockscreen options

-MahdiCenter: fix so now download option actually downloads the ROM

-Trds and call stats removed from dialer, Trds will hopefully come back

-All kernels updated to 4.4.3 

*Make sure to clean flash and wipe system, update your baseband/radio and get the latest 4.4.3 gapps

*This is not a release were you will finds lots more features, this is mainly an update to 4.4.3


-Quicksettings compass tile

-Quicksettings: add back ability to color notification ribbons

-Fixed status bar header theming

-Fixed recents clear all bottom padding

-Headset plug actions (opens music app)

-Peek wake timeout and updates from AOSPA

-Removed Live Volume Steps and Vibrate during calls options

-KernelTweaker: remove theme switch option (now follows system theme)

-MahdiCenter layout changes and now embedded into Settings (About phone > Updates)

-Calculator update from CM

-Busybox updates from CM

-Lots of tanslation updates thanks to @c@p, @seilogeo, @toyr99, @Pixelase

*If your themes do not apply properly after flashing this build try to reinstall your theme or worst case a clean flash


-Theme chooser fixes

-Wallpaper cropper bug fixed (no more black navbar)

-AppOps updates

-Shake events

-Custom tile double-tap

-QuickRecord tile update

-Allow All Widgets On Keyguard

-Quicksettings: add a switch to enable/disable custom colors and alpha (fixes tiles background when using themes)

-Quicksettings: Equalizer tile

-Day and week on data usage cycle fix up

-InCallUI: Add transparency to Glowpad background

-Pulse Torch On Incoming Call

-Hide power menu on lockscreen

-APN updates

-Profiles: fix manifest entry for Wifi triggers

-Lots of Italian and other tanslation updates thanks to @toyr99 and CM

-Lots of other external projects have been updated so check the detailed changelog

*If your themes do not apply properly after flashing this build uninstall then reinstall your theme


-Theme chooser updated with all fixes from CM (includes icon pack support)

-AOSP recents: fix bottom padding problem

-Fixed lockscreen slider torch

-Fixed battery bar charging animation

-Fixed less frequent notifications

-mako: add support for USB OTG

-Read the detailed changelog for more info

-Italian translations

-JFLTE: updated GPU drivers

*Hammerhead users: app sidebar and floating mode have been removed


-CM's new theme chooser

-PA's Peek with configarable wakelock timeout

-Live Volume Steps

-Battery Saver: Removed all option that didnt work properly

-Move keyguard wallpaper to system

-Quiet Hours: Add 4 state (off, timed inactive, timed active and forced on)

-Quiet hours: Option to disable system sounds

-Quicksettings: Update sleep tile and immersive mode drawables

-QuickSettings : Add BatterySaver Tile

-Option to allow a (subtle) notification vibration during calls

-Power menu Mobile data toggle

-Battery Bar

-Trebuchet launcher from CM, removed Launcher3 (Themed thanks to @snak3ater)

-Removed cm file manager

-TRDS for Dialer Settings thanks to @rush25

-Theme Browser Quick Controls thanks to @rush25

-Merged CM's new Torch app

-Settings has had alot of improvements and fixes (too many to list)

-Lots more, read the detailed changelog

-Lots of translation updates for Hungarian, German, Greek, Italian, Russian and Spanish languages 

(thanks to @c@p, @senses!, @seilogeo, @toyr99, @Pixelase and @klasszsrac)

*Clean flash is recomended


-All kernels updated to Linux 3.4.87

-CM's new theme engine code has been merged (all settings have been disabled until the theme engine is ready)

-QuickBoot feature from Qualcomm (option will only be available in developer option if the app is installed, which is not included in the ROM)

-Gesture lock screen

-Shake to secure

-Slims lock screen targets

-More lock screen color options

-Lock screen blur has been removed because it conflicted with CM's new lock screen code

-SlimRecents: fixes

-Speeded up overall UI thanks to @kufikugel

-DownloadManager: add support pause/resume/stop notifications

-SELinux updates

-Settings: a lot of bug fixes and clean up

-Italian translations thanks to @toyr99

-Russian and Hungarian translations

-Lots more, read the detailed changelog

*If your thinking of dirty flashing make sure to reset your lock screen targets otherwise you will get constant SystemUI force close


-Updated Battery Saver mode

-Added SlimPie

-Slim recents updates

-Driving Mode

-Fix recents clear all visibily when there are no apps

-Fix a nullpointer in KeyEvent.KEYCODE_POWER (fixes SOD's for stock sms app and maybe other apps, thanks to @rohan.braganza for the logcat)

-Add theme support to Ringtone activity

-German and Spanish translation updates thanks to @c@p and @!senses

-Added Vietnamese translations thanks to @tung91


-All kernels updated to Linux 3.4.85

-Xposed Framework OTA survival

-Slim Recents- kill all doesn't kill favirote apps

-Instant led test ( no need to switch the screen off)

-Option to swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated

-Allow disabling of FC dialogs

-Recents RAM bar (removed circular memory indicator)

-Add brightness slider to notification drawer

-Implement SIM card management

-AppOps: Prompt to remember user choice in ASK mode

-Added custom setup wizard (thanks to Mokee and Nameless Rom)

-Brightness on boot bug fixed (thanks to AOSPA and rush25 for pointing me to the fix)

-Quiet Hours Automatic Switch and more

-Smart Phone Call: Put on your ear, and this will automatically call current number in message or dialer

-OmniSwitch: added icon pack support

-Camera: were using Slim Roms camera now, lots and lots of options

-German and Spanish translation updates thanks to @c@p and @!senses

-Many upstream fixes

Bugs: aosp recents clear all button is visible even when there are no apps to clear[B]22.03.2014[/B]

Slim Recents with all fixes and new options

-option to choose aosp or slims recents panel

-option to change the size and gravity (left/right)

-favirote mode (long press on app icon)

-clear all (big pinch)

-changes with TRDS

On the GO Mode (Camera overlays the screen so you use your phone while walking and not bump into a light post)

-quicksettings tile 

-power menu option

Lockscreen colors and Lock custom image

-color dots, frame and lock handle

-choose a custom lock image

Lockscreen Style options clean up

-now when See through option is diabled blur will also be disabled

Added people lookup settings

Immersive Mode: Fix black bar in some games

fix SystemUI fc with Navrings

fix lockscreen settings fc for tablets

Nexus 5 Experimental kernel

-added Sweep 2 Wake and Double tap 2 Wake

-change default max screen off frequency to 1190400

New Kernel app to replace performance settings

-added touchwake control (mako)

-added double tap 2 wake control (mako)

-control s2w, dt2w, powerkey suspend and waketimout (hammerhead)

-cpu governor and frquency control

-gpu control

-voltage control

-and lots more


-custom lock image doesn't crop properly using Gallery app so you should use Photos app

-when using custom lock image it takes a little longer for the screen to turn on

-at first boot brightness is lower what is set, after you turn the screen off the first 

time it will go back to normal. Not sure why its happening but it started when lockscreen style options were added, 

I'll take a look at this soon

-lockscreen blur setting doesn't take affect until the second time you turn the screen on after boot


*Note this is a big update so if you encounter any problems do a clean flash before reporting any bugs

All kernels updated to Linux 3.4.83 (big update with nearly 100 patches)

TRDS (Dark UI) added to the main framework and also these packages




-Mms (also added an option for text size in the main conversation screen)





Notification reminders

Lockscreen see through, blur and custom background

App ops update from cm

Volume panel timeout

Battery Saver updates

Glowpad Torch

Notification count

Recents clear all app lock option

Progressbar customization

Toast Animations

NetworkTraffic tile updated

-single press download/off

-right and left swipe switches states

Removed Halo

Lockscreen Notifications: add back dynamic width as an option

Slims Hardware Key Rebinding

Double-tap to sleep user-configurable settings

Settings has had a big reshuffle and clean up

Translations: big update thanks to CM (This took me hours to do)    

for Core, SystemUI and Settings

af, ca, cs, da, fi, fr, hu, in, it, iw, ja, ko, lt, nb, nl, pl, pt-rPT, ru, sk, sv, tr and uk

Spanish translations updated by !senses

German translations updated by c@p

Settings has had a big reshuffle and clean up

Color fixes by rush25

Lots and lots of bug fixes


Switched to CM's battery styles

-Theme support

-option to hide

Battery saver mode

-at the moment toggling wifi and battery low mode are not working,

I will have to look into it.

Updated Network traffic indicator

-options to choose outgoing, incoming or both

-removed color and hide if theres no traffic options for now

Set immersive mode through profiles

Option to show panels on lockscreen in global immersive mode

Speed up booting on multicore devices

Fix Clock showing on lockscreen after reboot

Changed contextual notification panel headers

Added Download Speeds in notification

Fixed fc on tablets when trying to access Navbar settings

Lots of Holo blue removed thanks to @rush25 and others

DeskClock has been merged with CM

-you will a fc on boot up, clear clock's data and it will be fine.

Spanish translations thanks to @senses!

Added facebook sync

Disable Touch by Proximity Sensor

-Support Sweep2Wake/DoubleTap2wake/Knock2Wake features in custom

kernels which prevent touch from sleeping when screen is off

Art updates to fix bootloops on some devices

Kernels updated to linux 3.4.82

Lots more, read the detailed changelog.


Quick settings improvements

Custom tiles

Favorite contact tile

WiFi display tile added back

Quick record tile saves file in internal memory podcast folder

Media tile double click starts a sleep timer

Swipe gesture on individual tiles

-Settings tile right swipe to tile picker activity, left swipe to Customization settings

-Location tile right/left swipe to switch modes

-Music tile right swipe to next track, left swipe to previous track

-Added option for vibrate on touch

-Added option for flip animations on the tiles

Live wallpaper now shows in recents

Wakelock blocker

Left hand navbar fixes it swipe out from the left now

Added OmniSwitch and a navbar shortcut for it

Translucent volume panel

Navbar dimensions are calculated dynamically now so they are not affected by dpi changes also fixed compatibility with xposed mods which means your should have weird behavior like navbar height resetting on boot.

Lockscreen notifications: added show all and clear all buttons

Lots of Spanish and German translations by @c@p and @Senses

I might have forgotten some things but these are the main things.


Intellicative governor 


QuickSwipe: swipe anywhere to flip not just the bottom bar

Lockscreen Notifications custom background

Fix icon overflowing with Center Clock

Fix LTE toggle

Disable intrusive dialer -- Incoming call in background

Open Source Google Dialer

Update translations

IN Call UI full screen photo

IN Call UI blue to white

Left handed navbar during landscape


Animation Control

Show alarms when alarm tile clicked

Lockscreen Notifications updates

Network Traffic Indicator fixes

Dalvik improvements and mods

Launcher 3 updates

MMS bug fixes

Lots of translation updates

App Ops options

Automobile profile and group apps


Espania translations thanks to @SensesXda

Revert all recent app opps changes

Lockscreen Notifications: revert back to old code.

Doubletap to sleep now works on secure lockscreen

Network Idicator - Option to hide on no traffic - Set Custom colors

Fix pocket mode

Fixed AOSP keyboard force close

Reduce circle battery size

MMS Updates && Translations

Dialer Improvements

Incognito Mode is back is AOSP Browser

LockClock Updates

Remove all prebuilt apps except Terminal

Updated APN's

Updated MahdiCenter to point to the new site

For non Nexus users Camera and Gallery updates including option to choose storage

Lot's of other bug fixes


Revert Lockscreen Notifications Navbar changes, as there are issues currently

Revert Bionic Patch to fix most games


Added Flip to Mute/Reject Call

You will find it in Dialer > Settings

Added LockScreen long-press actions from hardware keys (Not for Nexus)

You will find it in Settings > Customization > Lockscreen

Added option to always show battery status on lockscreen

You will find it in Settings > Customization > Lockscreen

Lockscreen Notifications fixes and dinamic width & blacklist options

Added Quicksettings Smart Pulldown

You will find it in Settings > Customization > Quicksettings Panel

Improved Network traffic indicator (displays upload and download speed)

also added option to disable network activity indicator in statusbar wifi icon

You will find it in Settings > Customization > Statusbar

Added options for Day and week on data usage

Added option to emulate KEYCODE_MENU from navbar

Added custom notification vibrations for Mms app

Switched to Koush's source built Superuser

Switched to Launcher3 with has GoogleNow integrated

Added GooManager and Fdroid market apps

Lots and lots of fixes but this is only a simple changelog for features so check the full github changelog


Active display and App sidebar have been removed 

Added Lockscreen Notifications

You will find it in Settings > Customization > Lockscreen

Network Traffic Indicator has been updated 

option to show bit or bytes

Set maximum digits to prevent it from filling the statusbar

Volume buttons will swap when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees

Added Minimum Vibration Duration

You will find it in Settings > Sound

Quicksettings bug fixes:

fixed the problem with 4 & 5 tiles option were you be left with excessive space at the bottom

fixed battery layout

Added an option to hide notification icons

long pressing on the notification will give you an option to hide the statusbar notification icon (doesnt work with Privacy Guard)

More options to hide Wifi/Carrier labels

- Show all Labels

- Hide Carrier Label

- Hide WiFI Lable

- Hide all Labels

Added development animation transition mode 0.75 and 0.25

Added scale down screen off animation

You will find it in Settings > Display

Changed the dialer color to white

These are just the really good bits if you want more info check the main github changelog


Screenshots und Review:


[ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPBhtluFpm4]Mahdi-Rom Features at a glance 2 - YouTube[/ame]


Quelle: XDA



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Startpost geupdated!

1. Erfahrungsbericht hinzugefügt

2. Changelog geupdated


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Startpost geupdated!

Neue Version verfügbar. Changelog im Startpost ;)


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Version 2.5 ist da! Download über das OTA Center. Startpost wird morgen aktualisiert ;)


Geschrieben mit meinem Nexus 4 via Plappertalk

Edit: Startpost aktualisiert!

bearbeitet von borgerapper

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Startpost endlich aktualisiert!

Gibt so mega viele Neuerungen.

Changelog im Startpost ;)


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ist diese rom stabil? gibt es funktionen, die fehlermeldungen zeigen oder ähnliches?

hatte das nämlich bei meinem alten handy, dass bei manchen roms zb die kamera nicht ging :/

danke im voraus

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Hab diese ROM jetzt insgesamt ca. 1 Monat und kann folgendes sagen:

Sie ist stabil, aber nicht vergleichbar mit der Stock ROM. Es gibt einmal in der Woche einen reboot oder so, aber das war es. Manchmal sehr kleine Bugs.

Grundfunktionen (Kamera, Bluetooth, WLAN, NFC, ...) funktionieren tadellos!

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Hat noch jemand das Problem, dass das WLAN ständig nicht geht? Es wird zwar angezeigt aber geht nicht. Nur deaktivieren und dann wieder aktivieren vom WLAN hilft da was.

Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk

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Startpost seit langen mal wieder geupdatet! Die ROM basiert nun auf Android 4.4.4. Es gibt viele neue Sachen!

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